🔶 Beyerdynamic T1 Gen2

Just copped a gen2 for $300. Looking for a Valhalla 2 now.

I wonder if should still consider the ATH R70X/HD600 I was looking at, before I found this crazy deal.


That’s a great price! The lowest I’ve seen is $350.

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The pain! Where’d you score the deal?
I’d say that you should listen to them and then go from there. Both of those headphones should be somewhat complimentary to the T1.2 rather than duplicative.

And when you decide they aren’t for you, I have an R70X + a bit of cash to trade you (I have two, will never have zero).

Beyerdynamic balanced XLR on sale!


I had the 6XX for 5 years and got rid of them last year because I never gelled with them. So that kinda took away my interest in the 600s. It’d be awesome to hear the R70X, if I regret the T1s I’ll reach out, but I doubt it lol

What do you guys use for tube amp? I got an Asgard 3, Yamaha AS700 and an mCTH currently, I’ve been wanting a Valhalla 2 for so long, but I was also too into planars to give that a try. Now I’m back with dynamics after buying this and the K702.

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I’m a fan of the Xduoo hybrid tube amp series. Good power and flexibility. I specifically love them for my 600 ohm 880s and 990s, excellent at taming those highs. I’ve also wanted to hear the Valhalla 2 for quite a while.

im not saying you should get the 600’s, but they are quite good for certain things. but, and this varies a lot in opinion, i feel they need a tube in the equation. there are lots who like them on solid state, i am not one of them. there are those who like them with gooey tubeness, i am not one. i like them with my bottlehead crack with the speedball mod. takes a little of the tubeness out and adds some agility(ie less decay). but i like them even better on my lyr3. the lyr3 almost completely lifts the veil from the 600 series. i don’t know why, maybe the sheer horsepower it has combined with the tube. anyways, just something to consider still down the road.

I’m ready.
If you can do a full plunge on a dedicated amp for these high impedance cans and really want “full tube” I say go to BHC+SB if budget allows. If it doesn’t or assembly/availability is a challenge: DV or xDuoo TA-26 I think is the clone. Valhalla doesn’t get as much love so it can be found for good value in secondary. It is more polite for an OTL and lacks flexibility of the hybrids. I love those affordable xDuoo hybrids for what they are - but if you have multiple rigs you should go for a full OTL cartoonish type. Lyr 3 another mega-powerful all-arounder hybrid, but… If you don’t need versatility - go for the gusto.

I like how you think. I don’t quite want to spend BHC money, since I’ve been saving that for a Bifrost 2 upgrade in my speaker system, but Ill check out the Val2 and SW51.

this, lyr 3 is a bit different and may be more affordable to some while performing well, dark voice if you want a wetter more tubier sound for cheaper, and if you want a beefy hybrid tube amp… id say liquid platinum

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Copped a DarkVoice with some tubes for $150 and it’s been bliss with the T1.2. I don’t think I want to use it with my SS or Hybrids anymore, at least not until I swap out my Asgard for a Lyr lol


Trying to listen to some sound demos comparing the beyer line and found this:

The T1 here sound the worst by LONG shot.
Like…there has top be something going wrong there right?
I don’t hear any redeeming qualities in this demo.

They sounded a pretty flat to me in other demos, but not to this extent?