🔶 Beyerdynamic T1

This is the official thread for the Beyerdynamic T1. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed
  • Open Back

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I love my T1 gen. 1. I recently modified them with 3.5mm TRS jacks for my new cable made by @skedra!


like the T1 V2 over my DT 1990s(with analytical pads) in nearly any way - right now they are at Amazon Germany for only 759 Euro! LINK

  • balanced
  • better controlled highs
  • bit more soundstage

Thought about selling my 1990s but love the looks. Can´t give them away.

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I’ve really considered these. Especially in the Black limited addition. They’re only $695 on Amazon (US). I love my Audezes, but something about a well made German headphone. Maybe these and a great closed back. :thinking:


Really considering these.

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Any thoughts between the beyerdynamic t1 and focal elex?

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Are the T1’s more “fun” than the dt1990?

Haven’t listened to either one, but I have heard the DT 1770. Those were a bit too bright, with a forward sound. Other than that, I did enjoy them.

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1990s are a tad less wide in soundstage
T1 extend less at lows than 1990s with the “balanced pads” but are way better controlled
with analytical pads the lows are very good controlled and are maybe less “fun” more real
Midrange is superb on both
highs are Beyers Highs - you get whats recorded - what I like.
Timbre on both is excellent.
Both are very fast.

DT 1770 is not comparable with both open backs. Only for fast transients.


Have anyone use the Astell & Kern T1p? they drop is active

Not super sure, but I think the a&k t1p has Beyer t5 drivers in a t1 body, and a slightly different tuning from what I’ve heard. The t5 is warmer and more relaxed than the t1, so it would sound more like a t5 than a t1 if that helps