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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: No
  • Open Back

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Z Reviews…


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Rated by DMS :+1:

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if your in the US buy from the beyerdynamic website directly you as you dont have to rely on the bundle to get it . Im in canada so im out of luck was basically a insta buy for me after what dms said.

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Hmm… Interesting… I dont find my 990 pros to have any problems with the trebble. Cant say I havent thought about the 880s either… Now this…


I like his description of the 880’s treble response as “losing the forest for the trees” at times. I think that’s pretty accurate. For most recordings, I really love my 880. They have great resolution and spatial presentation for the price. But that treble is peaky and sharp at times. I notice it most when I listen to hard rock or metal and the drummer rides the crash cymbals. The peak of the 880 treble is right in the range of some crash cymbals and that’s the area where the 880 breaks timbre and becomes overwhelmingly sharp. In those moments I just have to get them off my head.

Beyerdynamic also seems to he making a more aggressive push into gaming audio than most other audiophile companies. I think that’s a good business move. The video game industry brings in more money than the music and film industries combined.


just saw that vid, sounds very promising. specially considering that most gamers here are recommended the DT 880 but the issue is always that they don{t have money to buy an amp for it. this one is 32 ohms and runs off anything very well according to DMS and he also said it has the best imaging under 1000. very promising

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A little confused by the review, nothing he really said made me think they would image like speakers, but they do seem solid. I decided to order some, so curious to see how things turn out


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u gotta buy some of those bitchen Helios too

Hi everyone!
Have anyone tried the tygr 300 r?They are in the beyerdynamic official website for 179$ (headphone alone, not bundle). I have read they reduced the treble with the inside foam (it looks like the one used in the mmx300 2nd). Beyer claims better spatial recreation for gaming. I am not looking for the best gaming headphone, I am just curious. I think they might sound closer to the dt880 with a mild bass and treble boost.

Also if someone have used the fox microphone ( the one that comes with bundle team Tygr) with the Ps4? It might be better if i buy the bundle and use the mic for online gaming with my ps4 ( I haven’t play multiplayer games in a while, it might be a waste), and if dont used it I can sell it.

I have used beyer in the past and I like them all!. I like the dt880 sound, but sometimes I miss the sparkle and fun the dt990 have.
Had: dt990 pro, dt990 600 ohm, dt1990
Have: dt880 600 ohm, T1.2nd

Edit:I know the Tygr 300 r is a dt990 32 ohm variant.


From looking at it I would guess it’s a 990 with a bit tamed treble

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firtst Ive heard of it. the pricing and design makes this probably a returned low impedance t series driver which is a good thing. while the low impedance 990s. 880s, and 770’s arent great the COPPS are pretty great. SO I imagine these are pretty decent just marketing towards a more gamercentrick audience

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I might just need to buy them! The treble in the dt990 with the thx789 was sharp but it did not bother me at all.

Im guessing its the same 990 32 ohm driver which actually considering its a lower impedance 990 its actually not that bad might be better than the 80 ohm

Grab a liquid spark and that should go away

I agree, you can tame the beyer treble sharpness with stuff like the liquid spark

I have one. I prefer them in my thx789 i like the sharpness. I did not sell my dt990 because it bothers me, I it sold to keep the hobby running lol!

I have it :slight_smile:

then just get the 600 ohm 990 instead if you like the sharpness I dont see the point of getting a lower impedance version if you have the gear to run the 600 ohm