Beyerdynamic TYGR 300 vs MMX 300

I am kind of lost between these two. online opinions state they are fairly similar. Highly appreciate your advice after considering my below points;

  • Mainly to be used for Gaming & Movie watching (it just needs to be pretty okay at music)
  • i’m looking for soundstage, accuracy and detail (Currently own a Fiio FH7, so as to give you an idea on how much detail i can discern)
  • so my options are TYGR 300 + ModMic / MMX 300 + Dekoni Choice pads
  • AMP suggestions, considering Schiit Hel or JDS labs EL dac/amp

I am open to other options as well, would like to keep the whole purchase under 500$

So I own both and can tell you both do a great job at delivery soundstage and imaging. Both are also great for music. (The TYGR will sound like it has just a little bit more sound stage due to being open back design) The TYGR 300 will leak sound and the MMX 300 will not. That might be important if you don’t want to disturb the folks around you. Also if you are more into say EDM or HipHop then MMX 300 (w/suggested Dekoni Choice Leather pads) will you give you more thumb when it comes to bass. However that is not to say the TYGR does not have any, it will be just a little bit less.

TYGR 300:

  • Open back (leaks sound)
  • Good imaging
  • Good sound stage (sounds like it has a bit more than the MMX 300, due to being semi-open back)
  • No mic

MMX 300:

  • Closed back
  • Good imaging
  • Good sound stage
  • More bass (dekoni choice leather pads are great upgrade that bring out a bit more)
  • Comes with a really good mic
  • Comes with two cables (One short one you can use with a laptop/phone, one for PC with splitter for mic and audio)
  • Comes with a case

Both work great with the Schiit Hel I own. I can’t speak really to the JDS Labs El dac/amp. I like the idea of being able to just plug the mic and headphone right into the Schiit Hel just for convience.

I will just say I think sound wise both can be very enjoyable. Just depends on the use case.

Lol it’s not semi opened… its fully opened. It’s essentially a padded and retuned dt 990. also imaging is laser accurate and better in my opinion than mmx300 and soundstage is massive on par with a akg k7 series

quite a few suggestions in that price range… Going to depend on your sound preferences though.

while this is fine this doesn’t tell anybody your sound preferences… I could for example recommend a dt 990 but you could be horrifically treble sensitive and it would be a horrible recommendation.

if you have access to schiit as well as monoprice I would normally recommend skipping this one in place of a Magni 3+ alongside a Topping D10 or a Monoprice Liquid Spark alongside a D10 instead… JDS are clean and all just not particularly good for beyers in my opinion. Definitely do not use a spark with the tygrs though… makes it sound really dark lol


@Falenkor is right, I should of said open back design not semi-open back… (need more coffee… ugh) Thanks for correcting that statement.

EDIT: I corrected this in the comments above

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thank you rick. mic is really a good plus point for me. but mod mic exists.

I’m looking for a good movie watching experiance. Right now i have a coolermaster mh751 and its really good, especially with the dolby atmos spatial surround on windows. But i want a better experience. when DMS said the TYGR 300 are like speakers in your ear, it really peaked my interest.

Thanks @Falenkor I’ve actually read almost all your comments on the other threads.

in the price range of <500 usd, the headphones which piqued my interest were the Sundaras, dt880 600ohm (hard to find online) etc. but the newer TYGR’s and mmx 300 is a bit cheaper and i could also accommodate a dac/amp combo or stack into the budget.

What i’m looking for is headphones which can deliver excellent sound for movies. the audio on Netflix are really good. i am looking for the best headphone experiance. not going onto the LCD-2C territory; hence the 500 price cap i placed for my own good.

I swear the more i look, the more my budget goes up.

Appreciate your advice on a complete setup under 500 - 600 USD. Headphone & DAC AMP.

Thanks again for replying, yeah?

Edit: My room has a pretty loud (50 - 60 db, because they’re as loud as my gaming laptop i know this measurement) air conditioner will it adversely affect open backs such as TYGR 300’?

Second edit: does making the jump to 500 headphones, dt1990/ aeon flows open etc make a significant sound difference? i know IEM’s do but is the returns worth it for headphones?

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Yea DMS did say it reminded him of his speaker setup, but I think that can be left up to personal interpretation. Cause without actually sitting in his living room setup to understand his meaning, you might think “surround” or some other idea. Like comparing them to say your own personal experience of say something like bookshelf speakers without any room specific treatment, there will be some reverb that would likely happen. Whereas most headphones (unless maybe some way high-end ones… like around 3-5k) don’t have or shouldn’t have really any reverb sound to them. Not saying they should, but just pointing out that I think that can be left up to personal interpretation and really I wouldn’t look at it as it giving you something like true surround sound. Now with that said, the TYGR 300 does have really good sound stage and imaging which can work really well with gaming. With movies and shows I would say they will sound good, but if the content is delivered in say Dolby Atmos or 5.1 sound, then I would say that will always sound better.

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thanks again @Rick_Jones .

yes the atmos tracks do sound good, but what i’m missing from the mh751’s are the resolution & detail. I am a bit spoiled by the FH7’s.

according to you, what would be the next upgrade from the TYGR 300’S ?

I have the MMX 300/dekoni pads with the EL II dac/amp and I love it. But I am really a novice when it comes to audio though.

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So looking at what you said about you using your laptop and I know they can get loud during some game time, I would probably suggest sticking to a closed back option. Which from moving from your current MH751 would be an upgrade in terms of better imaging and sound stage. As far as my own personal experience beyond using the MMX 300 as a closed back, the only other three I have are the Audeze Mobius, Emu Teaks and the MH751.

The Mobius is pretty solid headphone, but you can get it for cheaper if you buy the HyperX Orbit/Orbit S. You wouldn’t need an amp/dac for this headset as it has its own.

  • Planar driver
  • Has it’s own Amp/Dac (Mobius/Orbit S)
  • Waves Nx technology (3d tracking, can also give you a nearfield speaker sound if set correctly - Mobius/Orbit S)
  • Multiple connections (USB type C, USB type C to A, 3.5mm)
  • Multiple EQ profiles with the software for certain media types
  • Mic is pretty solid too

Emu Teaks are more of a fun headphone for listening to say EDM or Hiphop. It can be good for story based gaming. Might become fatiguing if playing a lot of FPS due to the explosions and gun shots.

I mean honestly for my own personal preference I use either my Mobius, MMX 300 or the TYGR 300s. (Right now… I am finding that I am picking up the TYGRs a lot.)


Take it as opinions of course lol I tend to navigate the gamers thread here.

So, this is actually a reason I asked for your sound preference I will explain a bit here. So, Sundaras and dt 880 both are very neutral bright headphones. Sundara is a planar having a bass slam and a wider soundstage than that of the 880 meanwhile 880 is quite a bit more, I want to say analytical in terms of sound but it also can sound rather anemic or lacking in body / boring in the lows and mids(which was the case for me personally. DT 880 is a much brighter headphone and it’s very noticeable as such may be uncomfortable or fatiguing for the regular user, you will normally see me bring this headphone up for a competitive gamer however not so much for casual use as I definitely don’t see this as a casual use daily driver. Sundara on the other hand while sharing that sound signature of the dt 880 had more fullness and body to it and is quite well rounded punching quite a bit above it’s pricepoint. The biggest issue with hifiman is build quality is kind of meh and they have huge quality control issues(Had 4 headphones break from them back to back 2 sundaras, 1 400i, and 1 ananda in a short period) while some go on without any issues at all others get bad luck so toss of the dice on whether you want to roll with that. Sundara is a fantastic headphone for sure but so is the dt 880. However, I would say Sundara is a better daily driver for all rounded use than an 880

As for the tygr and mmx over there they are of a different signature. Tygr is a warm headphone it’s bass is increased with slight recession in the mids and lower treble however the upper treble frequencies are slightly raised. It has laser accurate imaging and a very large soundstage alongside incredible comfort. It’s one of my own person casual use headphones in my collection at the moment. MMX 300 I don’t particularly like but I won’t deny it’s good it’s a spin from the dt 770 whereas the tygrs appear to be retuned from the dt 990. As such mmx300 is bassier and has more brightness but still that typical dialed in mids you tend to find from a beyer. The mics pretty good my only issue with it is that I feel it’s just a dt 770 with minor tweaks and a microphone for $300 despite being able to find a 770 at around, well I found mine at like $80 so quite a big difference there. I think both of these headphones will do well for daily driving and all round use compared to the sundara and 880 as they are much more relaxed and have a bassier presence to them. Especially with Tygr over there having the speaker like presentation.

That tends to happen in this hobby. Always good to limit yourself for that reason.

Don’t mention it… the forums here have plenty of people who can help.

I mean, probably not. Sundaras maybe as they are extremely open and their is practically nothing in the way of that driver and your ears. You may hear hints of it during quiet points in the movie if it’s that loud though.

Depends on the headphone. You can stand to gain an amazing headphone for damn near nothing or go full tilt and gain better sound to your own taste. DT 1990 in my opinion is one hell of a headphone but I won’t ever call it a proper daily driver. 1990s are very analytical they rip apart sound in music and other variety and pick out any fault in it despite sounding great. If you want a headphone from beyer that sounds good for a more all rounder approach and can stand brightness that would be the T1 Gen 2 which is a great substitute in my opinion to a HD 800S which are over $1,600. However, requires a strong amp.

As for the aeons well it depends. It’s literally my movie headphone and alongside my tygr. Offers quite good isolation even in open back form. Subtle V signature with tuning pads to alter the sound. Extremely thick leather pads. Bit on the heavier side. Planar with noticeable bass slam. Very well rounded but in my opinion only becomes fully powered and opened up through a higher tier amp such as Liquid Platinum. Good for those who are okay with later upgrades.

The Tygrs are a bit of a special headphone… They hit quite a bit above their pricepoint in my opinion as how they are in terms of build quality, imaging, and soundstage alone are phenomenal. Comfort levels can be adjusted without destroying the sound but sticking to a velour is highly recommended. The biggest issue they are hard to get.

Hard to say even for myself here against the Tygrs. Probably something from audeze in terms of more balanced tonality not the Dark Audezes. Fidelio X2HR is a definite side grade and not as good in my opinion but they are releasing X3 and shp9600 soon so those may stand up to it as a form of upgrade. You have to think more from brands here… audio technica and akg tend to have similar sound signatures it seems and aren’t particularly warm headphones, beyer makes bright headphones making tygr a strange headphone from them, audeze makes warm and dark headphones, hifiman makes planar headphones that tend to gravitate towards bright, Sennheiser make some of the most neutral headphones with a lot of mid centric sound, Focal tend to be very neutral or bright with more mid centric in tonality, Grado a lot of people hate but have a good wide variety though quite a few are very mid centric. Emu Teak over there would be a V signature so not an upgrade to the tygrs due to a different signature. Verum’s are a dark headphone as are the nighthawks/nightowls. So a step up… I want to say probably the LCD-2 or LCD-3 are probably some of the only ones that come to mind here just audeze as a brand in general as a lot of them have a very warm lush and rich sound to them. The only other that comes to mind are the Argons T50RP or T60RP Argons

recommend skip it as well as orbit or just wait on this one. Wait on the Penrose and for it’s reviews. Mobius had a lot of issues with latency. Penrose is a fixed mobius without the 3d niche stuff. 3d was nice and all but niche as hell good for opening the sound but still the headphone itself had quite the amount of issues. It’s still good for casual use though and technically competitive so I can’t full write it off. My guide lists this one in competitive though since penrose is coming out I will probably update that accordingly later

very fun but a definite V signature. Potentially one of the better V signatures I have heard personally. I would say Aeons over this due to the fatiguing brightness and bass and that teak has more recession towards the mids than aeon does in my opinion.

So, Like I said it’s up to you @Amal_Vajdan I don’t think you can go wrong with an mmx300 or tygr however I probably wouldn’t recommend dt 880 for your use case though sundara would be okay for a brighter headphone. As far as higher up goes? T1 if you want a Bright Headphone, Aeons for V signature, Audeze potentially lcd-2 if you can get it at a good price for a Warm headphones.

As far as amps are concerned… You can do just fine with a cheap setup. IFI Zen Dac if you really want to budget will work fine and its a combo unit. As for budget setups youd be looking at the $100 range setups so $200 maximum for your amp and dac together. Depending on the headphones amps are Monoprice Liquid Spark, Schiit Magni 3+, Topping A30, and JDS Atom. Dacs are Schiit Modi 3(may have a bit of glare so not the best for bright headphones), Topping D30, JDS Atom Dac, and monoprice is currently working on release for liquid sparks dac


How do you go about using the mic with MMX 300, if you do at all? this combo is one of my top considerations.

Do you have any other headphones you use to compare your setup with?

Thank you for replying @Tranzorz :slight_smile:

Thanks @Rick_Jones , I’m gonna zero down on one of these options soon!

Thank you so much @Falenkor . I think i’m gonna go with TYGR’s and a solid amp dac stack so i can upgrade down the line.

on a separate note, zeos should have really rethought about launching Hifiguides forums. since it has people like you i dont really feel like subscribing to a higher tier in patreon!

Thank you both @Falenkor and @Rick_Jones . You lads have been a huge help.


I mean, I am sure he has plenty of patreon’s regardless granted I stopped subscribing recently as he hasn’t had anything of interest for me personally to talk about. He has a lot of experience and a lot of people seem to agree with his opinions so people back him. Really boils down to a persons sound preference though as we all hear things different… for example Joshua Valour has a bit of issues with treble it appears and DMS seems to write off dt 990 in his latest tier list so our opinions really don’t align all too much, while I listen to their thoughts I take them with a grain of salt especially when it comes to treble. Everything in this hobby is pretty opinionated and subjective points of view. Though granted if someone has as much experience in this hobby as some of the people like zeos I think it does help to actually listen to them… This site just helps even further which I am glad it exists.

Sounds good. Try to pair the tygrs with a more clean amp hell even something to potentially brighten up it a little more may help as if you pair it wrong it tends to sound very dark. JDS stack should work just fine as will the schiit stack in that regard.

Hey, no worries. If you have any other considerations or questions feel free to bring them up. Got a ton of people here that can help out. I just happen to be somewhat experienced with lower price point gear(up to around $500) when it comes to gaming especially when it comes to gaming headsets which thank god I swore those off.


Thanks for bringing up stacks. I was looking into Schiit stacks and should i be concerned with the “Modi Multibit DAC” and “Magni 3+ OR Heresy” ? i do not understand the terminologies.

I saw the DMS’ review of the JDS stack and he argued it sounded very clean compared to the Schiit’s, do you have an insight on this?

Yeah i agree about youtuber’s opinions. But it is as zeos mentioned in one of his videos, the people who bought Zeos’ recommended stuff knows the sound signature he likes. which is difference from the likes of crinacle. I’ve bee here for a long time, i mostly just lurk as i do not have much headphones to compare with.

I bought the fiio btr5 & fh7 after discussing here and they did not disappoint even a bit.

see you around man.


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Multibit is much more expensive and implements a better sounding connection. For budget reasons Ignore it… I don’t have any particular experience however with modi’s multibit. as for magni 3+ and heresy they are slightly different units this is what schiit has to say.

Featured snippet from the web

Magni 3 + is the highest-performing discrete current feedback entry level amp from Schiit, ever, while Magni Heresy uses an all op-amp topology to push measured performance even higher

As far as I am aware they are different but its fairly marginal.

that also may help as the guy sat down and did a bunch of testing between those two.

I do think it sounds a bit more clean honestly while the schiit has a bit more color to the sound. I am personally a fan of more coloration and good spacial recreation so I ended up going from Liquid Spark -> Asgard 3 -> Liquid Platinum and currently working towards the next step up from asgard 3 which may be an RNHP. I am a big beyer fan so I tend to stick with amp setups that can make those particular styles of headphones sing better. I don’t think you can go wrong with JDS at all just that I am more partial to Schiit I just like their built quality, looks, and sound.

Well I would hope so lol. Most reviewers have a preference towards sound.

Yep, take it easy.

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Np @Amal_Vajdan. Hope you enjoy the TYGRs (…might have to a wait a bit till they are back in stock). I think you have made a “sound” decision :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: It took over a month before I got my TYGRs, I think the same is true for @Falenkor

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Boooooo bad joke

Month and a half actually. Beyerdynamic for some stupid reason keeps restocking the Bundle with the Fox Microphone but keeps the actual headphone by itself stating it’s out of stock which is extremely obnoxious. The Fox mic just isn’t worth it. I tried it, my blue yeti was superior in clarity and just regular use despite being technically in the same price range same with the hyperx quadcast. However, all are condensors which to be fair aren’t the greatest for gamers to begin with as they pick up a ton of sound without a noise isolated room even then it can pick up the keyboard.

Is the headphone worth it? Oh definitely. You can get away with using the mic too… it’s not particularly “bad” by any means just not as good as it’s competition.

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Having used the JDS Labs Atom Amp and the Schiit Magni Heresy, my recommendation (if it’s between these two) is to go based on preference for style, build, customer service, etc. Both amps are clean and offer plenty of power. I’m speaking specifically about the Heresy since the 3+ supposedly colors the sound a bit. Schiit has been known to have quality control issues and spotty customer service, though I’m pretty sure consensus is that it’s gotten much better in recent years. I’ve never had a bad experience with Schiit customer service. I like the color scheme of the Heresy and that it has a solid all-metal case. Though the power switch being on the back is somewhat annoying. JDS Labs, on the other hand, has some of the best customer service stateside. The Atom amp is plastic, and I like the volume pot as a power switch and the LED ring lighting is nice and subtle. I doubt you’d hear a difference between the two amps (I didn’t), so definitely take the other factors into consideration. I liked the Atom amp and the 3.5mm input on the back, but I didn’t like the plastic build, so I stuck with the Heresy. I also liked that the Heresy was a bit smaller. That said, I’m now waiting on my Topping L30 to arrive and I’ll be choosing between it and the Heresy as I only need one.

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