Beyerdynamic TYGR 300 vs MMX 300

I do use the mic at times. I have a cable extension for the mic part and run that into my computer. I have used some Hyper X headphones and the Fidelio X2. My old system was the SP200 and M200 which I didn’t quite like the build quality and sound. Headphone wise I use the MMX300 and Senn 660s. I like the overall clean sound and punch that the JDS Labs has and the MMX300 has solid soundstage and imaging for gaming and music. Bass is great and I feel it does a great job with footsteps and individual sounds.

Yeah, I am curious to hear peoples opinions on that one myself. From reading it’s specs that thing is a bit ridiculous. Like a super budget friendly single ended A90. Curious how it will measure against the asgard 3.

Great job with footsteps? Maybe due to the fact that the treble is raised however in comparison to the dt 880 its pretty terrible in that regard. MMX 300 is by no means a great “competitive” headphone if you compare it to something like a dt 880. Individual sound placement and the like is what you tend to come to expect from a beyerdynamic as they typically have extremely good imaging and a larger than average soundstage from my experience with them with 770s/mmx300 having the smallest of the stages. As far as 770 the bass is a bit much and it can be quite a bit much on on the sibilance for some people while the mmx300 is a little bit different not as bad on the treble but retains that bass and width while adding a solid mic. Bass and Footsteps do not mix. In competitive gaming that rumble kills your ability to hear / place them properly. That isn’t to say you cannot hear them still it’s just clouded and in some cases it can be completely overshadowed from that rumble. Sounds cool and awesome for casual skirmishes because it’s very immersive just not ideal if your one of those who are super competitive.

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I never said was the great for competitive games. To certain extent everything is subjective. As I said I am novice and haven’t heard as many headphones as you. I was merely stating my experience. But you do tip my hat to your wealth of knowledge :grinning:

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how is the topping amp & DAC stack though? do you have any ideas? I have not seen them get hyped up like the Schiit or JDS labs.

I envy you @tglodjo for having access to all the amps. I’m guessing you live in Americas.

I have to use DHL to forward my stuff from the US to Kuwait, were i live. So i really need a good support and products with good quality control.

I had to write off sundaras for this reason too, just cannot take the risk.

yeah @Falenkor has tried quiet a number of headphones and amps.

and tbh its not worth it to buy a 200$ headphone focussed on “competitive gaming” alone. I play a lot of CSGO, almost everyday. and the headphones i am wearing does not make a huge difference. All i need is a decent pair of headphones and you get used to all the sounds in CSGO. And decent headphones will have decent soundstage too, so you will not feel like its lacking, unless you have something better to compare it with. @Tranzorz

The amount I have sat down is relatively marginal to quite the amount of others here.

subjective but my limitation I would say is up to $500 maximum depending on the fps… if its Tarkov for instance that becomes pretty particular… cs go? not so much. Overwatch? probably the least demanding.

If you sit down in a competitive game and have say… the Fidelio X2HR face off against the 1990 you will easily figure out that while both have a large soundstage the bass noticeably just gets in the way of everything and that the 1990 can pinpoint a snipers location pretty easily if you pay attention due to its ability to seperate sound and its laser accurate imaging alongside the raised treble making those styles of sounds very apparent and front and center meanwhile x2hr over there is a very fun wide bassy headphone while nice it’s definitely not all that great for competitives. Just depends on what your doing in my opinion. If it’s just like cod or csgo you don’t need a large soundstage at that point it mainly becomes not a bunch of rumble in the bass, good seperation in the case of a gun fight, and as accurate of imaging as possible with the soundstage being around your head not left to right placement

Unfortionately, the “good” headphones you want are the expensive ones in this regard… dt 880 and tygr are the exception to that rule as well as ad 700x, k612/k702, shp9500, HD 598, and a few others that really hit the nail on the head for being good in this area despite a cheap budget

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Agree wit you completely. Tarkov and overwatch will need better headphones.

I also saw raving reviews on Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm - the downside is i will have to purchase an amp for 200$ . do you have any info on them? which of the two options below you think is a best idea;

  1. TYGR + JDS labs Stack
  2. DT880 + Topping DAC + Emotiva BasX A100

eh? oh that… please don’t listen to all this crazy talk of that it needs a nuclear power plant to drive… you can drive it just fine with the same amps you drive for $100 such as atom, liquid plat, magni 3+, etc.

Hang on… gonna do a real quick test. Alright yeah, as I figured. So you can actually just go buy the Ifi Zen Dac. I just plugged my own T1 gen 2(it’s also very demanding at a 600 ohm) into the single ended port(the T1 can be balanced to acquire more power from amps like this and dt 880 can be modded to be balanced) while I had to turn up the volume for sure up to maximum once I activated Peace APO I preamped the system a little bit and now can turn down the T1 without issues. $120 amp/dac combo with a $600+ headphone at 600 ohms. Do I recommend this combo? nah but you can get away with a regular $100 that will drive that 600 ohm dt 880 just fine… you mainly need a dac if your getting some sort of buzz in the headphone to clean up the sound… its not mandatory out the gate.

My first setup was a DT 990 paired to a Liquid Spark. It ran beautifully with power to spare. The option is open to acquire such a headphone… though for casual gaming? Again, skip the 880 lol I would choose the tygrs over the 880 for casuals

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Yass! Thanks again @Falenkor

Well i say casual gaming, but i also want it to sound good for movies (and sometimes music, because i listen to music mostly when i’m out and about; i just use my iems)

so if the 880’s are better for movies/ music, i’m tempted to go for them than TYGR’s.

choices, choices… God help me please!

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That’s still casual! lol

Better than the tygrs for movies? hell no. Better for music with a alot of classical or violin or what not even orchestra like good lord the NIER SOUNDTRACK? oh definitely… Though tygr has a very lush warm sound to it so its great for those who want more bass and a more even out tonality… its fantastic for movies as the brightness that is in the way of the 880 is not apparent for the tygr.

For your case? grab the tygrs. Can’t get a tygr? Grab the x2hr Fidelios(side grade not as good but still quite lovely and cheaper) want even more ridiculous? Pick up and modify the shp9500 like I did cost you around $150 potentially maximum to full on modify one and its easy… just shipping may be an issue.

Welcome to the hobby lmao.

To give some clarification though… I am not a big fan on the dt 880 as a daily driver others are. I find the brightness to be fatiguing for regular use though I am a lover of orchestra style music so bright headphones with a bit of bass to bring out the other instruments is quite lovely… which is why I took the 990 over the 880 and then proceeded to the 1990 and finally the T1(for clarification… I own or have owned pretty much the entire beyerdynamic line up). It really depends on your taste of music… but I don’t particularly see beyers as great for movies and podcasts of the sorts outside of the Tygr as far as budget is concerned.

keep in mind, tygrs still an open back… walking around with an open back headphone may annoy some people… they will be able to hear your headphones

@Falenkor i am not planning on walking around with my headphones lol. I’ve not yet ascended to that level of audiophile.

im gonna regret asking this, but if budget was not an issue (500 - 700 USD) which headphones would u recommend for movie watching.

Probably an audeze or aeon personally as I find them really good for that. Though, I don’t particularly use headphones for movies I just use my speakers lol

Thank you my man @Falenkor :slight_smile:

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Can’t speak for the quality of the stack yet as I’m still waiting for it to arrive. That said, if you try to wade through hype statements, you’d see that the Topping E30 is recommended a ton (especially here) as one of the best DACs in its price range. The L30 just released this past week and people are just now receiving them, so you’ll start to hear more about it. Early reviews are very good, comparing it to it’s $500 older brother A90 (minus the balanced input).

I’m in the US so I am lucky to have easy access to audio gear. I’m fairly new to the scene, but I’ve been able to purchase gear on the used market to test and use, then resell it used for little to no loss. (I’m not flipping anything for profit.) That’s one of my favorite things about the hobby in my area as I have access and ease for trying out different gear to really hone in on what’s best for my setup and preferences. I have some friends in Kuwait, so I’m familiar with the hassle you go through to get some of this stuff. That’s one reason I really like Falkenor’s advice and guides here. It’s better than sponsored vids, more informative than reviews (especially regarding different uses), and you’re given plenty of information to make an informed decision since your purchases are more of an investment in time and money.

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Exceptional Dac for it’s price honestly… I upgraded to that from a D10 haven’t really heard any other dac that is as good yet in that price range. Granted most dacs in the Sub $200 are extremely marginal differences.

I mean, I live near like 3 audio stores over here in the US so I have access to quite the amount of stuff… well that plus apos audio and over there have really fantastic return policies.

I appreciate the kind words. I try to educate myself as well as inform others from my own knowledge and experience despite how relatively small it is in such an extremely large niche hobby. Gaming is kind of my area so I respond most here since music development, mixing, mastering, and other more extreme details and sounds especially in terms of description in sound isn’t a strong point as of yet for me. I have a large back ground of the headsets and I don’t know how many others I have yanked out of that terrible market now… due to my ability to pretty much try whatever the hell I want and several audiophile buddies who have high pay jobs ($100k+) it makes sitting down with equipment for me rather simplistic. Though granted, of late I have been busy. I still need to fix that guide… the more I reread that thing the more I see the issues and errors… its a bit of a train wreck and I wrote it up in a bit of a hurry honestly. regardless… as I say on anytime when it comes to this stuff… take whatever you hear as subjective opinion… find a reviewer who also has more your taste in sound and listen in… you may just find exactly what your looking for.

In my case M0N and Riceguru helped me find my ideal setup despite being a very crazy idea to pick up the dt 990 as my first bright headphone of all things. I think if your looking for some extreme advice… speaking to M0N who has some seriously insane experience may help as well

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Month and a half actually. Beyerdynamic for some stupid reason keeps restocking the Bundle with the Fox Microphone but keeps the actual headphone by itself stating it’s out of stock which is extremely obnoxious.

I’ve been waiting weeks to see it come in stock to order it as a birthday gift for myself. It’s honestly disappointing. But then again covid isn’t helping out the situation either. I filled out a contact form from their support page in hopes of figuring out when it restocks or something.

Yeah, not quite sure what beyers up to on that one. I have seen them restock the bundle with the fox mic a few times but not the singular headphone. Even after you get one ordered it takes an eternity just to get it.

I read somewhere else that someone called Beyer customer service and was able to put in an order over the phone. It was still out of stock and delayed, but s/he was able to get their name on the books.

Just got a reply back from the contact form. They said the TYGR will be back in stock within the next 3-4 weeks.