Biggest Soundstage in iems

Here is the thread where we talk about which iems have the biggest soundstage (self-explanatory title).


My vote goes to the LZ A6, it has the biggest soundstage (in both width and depth) in my 50+ iem collection (including others like the Moondrop Blessing 2 and the Tin Hifi P1).

If this thread gets a lot of replies, you think it might be useful to make a master list in the first post of this thread? Maybe organize by price brackets?
FWIW, i think the it03 stage is good compared to my other iems but do not have the most experience

Yeah that would be nice. Dont think many people have all the top contenders though…

So, I would posit for left and right width especially, that the ex series, may be king of the hill. The large vents on the EX800st make for a rather large stage, however, I think the center image may be lacking. To further explain the image does not extend outside of my head with the center, but has very good layering from the center of my head to the front. I think this gives it good depth, but nothing crazy exaggerated like the sides.

From what I have tried I think the A8000 is very good at recreating natural space imo, pretty impressive for an iem. I think the most impressive space wise I have is the EAMT-1 C, that is something truly what I would call 3 dimensional, pretty nuts. Although it’s so fucking picky on what it sounds good with lol, mostly only my desktop setups do it justice

…that price lol.

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I was able to pick up mine 2nd hand for around 2.2k which is way more palatable, would really have to think if it’s actually worthwhile at msrp (leaning towards no at the moment lol)

Is the soundstage in the EX800st comparable to the Shuoer Tape? (the biggest soundstage that we both have, i think.)

EDIT: Or the Tin hifi P1 as I saw you have it.

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I would say its much larger side to side, where the Ex stage wraps around my head. Because of the tuning I think the tape has an artificial deeper center stage due to how the shout and highs work together. I do not find it to be a superior listen nor a superior stage. The front layering only becomes apparent with dirac sensaround toggles where I can clearly break the illusion of the center and see it is center to tip of head type of stage. Hope that helps explain my thought process.

Edit: p1 has a much smaller left and right stage. Its got good layering, but it doesnt compete to me at all.

if that is the case where it isnt clearly better then the A6 is much better. You should get it, its a damn good iem and doesnt costs much anymore (around 200 usd, it was priced at 300 before).

“Edit: p1 has a much smaller left and right stage. Its got good layering, but it doesnt compete to me at all.”

Well, I eq my tape a lot the soundstage does get reduced on my tape because of that and the P1 wins out because of that.

I mean its clearly better, its just not as exaggerated in the center image, makes for a realistic center as well as an amazing listen with no fatigue. Super stellar oldies :smiley:

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In terms of width, I like my FH7’s and Oriolus MK2’s. For spaciousness, Solaris and ISN H40’s. However, with Xelastec ear tips, H40’s has taken over as “King of Soundstage” amongst everything I own.

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According to dsnuts over at head-fi, the ISN H40 and the Moondrop Blessing 2 are similar in soundstage:

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Stop it, you’re going to make me spend more money. :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha, dont bother resisting because we all lose that fight :smirk:


Oh believe me, I know this all too well. Blessing 2’s were already on my radar, so your link doesn’t help. Need to resist until 11.11 … well, that’s what I keep telling myself.

If its soundstage you want though, the LZ A6 is much better than the Blessing 2 (and fortunately for your wallet it is also cheaper, and the blessing 2 is out of BA´s anyway lol).

My Isn H40 and Tri i3 have both big soundstage.

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