Bike Appreciation Thread

It started as a side note in the Rant thread. It began to gain traction - and now we have a thread!

For all of you riders out there - ALL riders! - This thread is for you. Come and share your love of everything bikes - powered, electric, push - Share your pics, share your stories - let’s have some fun!

Here is my newest ride. I was first introduced to this bike, The Triumph Trophy SE, back in 2014 at the IMS when they first came out and I fell in love with it then. Alas, it was too expensive for me at that time. 3 years later, I managed to secure the last one in the dealership, and one of the last ones in the state as Triumph discontinued this lovely machine in 2017.

There is a fun tie-in for me in that this bike has a wonderful sound system installed on it. Really comes in handy on those long trips. And with that… DISCUSS!! :sunglasses:


Had a few lol the last two before we moved onto our barge …

KTM 990smr…

and my fav of all time a 2009 ZX-10R a beautifully fuelled, no ABS, no traction control/rider aids just pure fun :smiley:x1000000


Look at you, lookin like Johnny Rea and stuff! :+1: Outstanding bike. Love the color. That is one of the things I love about the 1250FA… ABS is the only modern feature it has. Other than that, just a basic, neutral, sweet handling monster of a machine. Hell, this bike may outlive me!

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ABS defo the best ever “modern day” feature fitted to bikes…unless it’s 100% adjustable and you race :+1:

Here’s a pic of me and a mate and his 2 stroke Scott on the start line of a tribute lap of Silverstone to honour the passing of the motorbike journalist Kevin Ash…


@Raptor168 sweet, you’ll see I do like a triple :rofl:

@Ohmboy nice, two wheelie hooligans right there! What track?

Here’s my Speed and Tiger 1200 (my wife’s Tiger 800 creeping in to the pics, she also has a Street Triple R) - yep we’re total triple fanboys/girls.


Cadwell Park “the Mountain” here’s Josh showing how it’s done proper lol


I don’t own a bike, but I’m stoked out of my brains that the Isle of Man TT is returning this year after a two-year hiatus due to COVID!


Skills I can only dream of!


Me too buddy me too :gem: :motorcycle::dash: skillz for sure :+1:


Owner of a WR250X for almost thirteen years over here.


Some of yall already saw my 07 vfr800 but here’s a pic of that and my 82 cbx 1000.


I’d love to try something like a trike.

I had a Can-Am Spyder for 2 years before I finally bought my Suzuki and had a blast on that thing. The riding experience, once you got used to the basic physics of how the machine worked, was what I considered care-free. You still had that wind-in-your-hair motorcycle feeling; you just didn’t have to worry about the machine falling over etc. It was really cool! I’ll put up a picture later tonight.

Performance limits eventually drove me to trade it, in my case for the Victory Vision, but it was a memorable experience. If/when I ever get to a place where I can’t safely ride a bike anymore, I would go back to a Spyder I think. At least I would still be in the wind.

Here we go, I found a decent pic to share of my old Spyder:

This machine was fairly quick as it had a nice 1000cc V-twin engine (from the old Aprilia mille), 5-speed manual trans, decent suspension which I upgraded… Just a ton of fun.


My current beast is a 2019 Africa Twin AS. I got a sweet deal on it a year into C19 as it had been sitting in the showroom as new models rolled in. Since this photo I’ve added more lighting up front. Grest fun for exploring off pavement here in the Tennessee Valley area.

Would love to add an Aprilia Tuono or the new Ducati Streetfighter V2 for fun and commuting but…


Excellent. I haven’t had the opportunty to ride one, but I hear very good things. I must keep my riding on the pavement, so bikes like this are a no-no! I almost bought a KTM 1190 Adventure R. It made a great impression when I tested it, but then I saw the 1290 GT. Geeeez! Great fucking machine. I couldn’t make the deal work, and to be honest it was more bike than I needed performance wise. I needed more element protection and more range. Ironically, a few weeks later I bought the Vision!

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The FA on day 1. This shot was taken in the back lot of the dealership before I rode home. June 2011

It’s funny how this bike has changed over the years. And I still love it.

Here she was in full on sport tour configuration

I say “was” because all that tour stuff is gone now! She is back to lean and mean.

Funny thing is, this wasn’t even the bike I wanted at first! I went in there bound and determined to by an FJR. I wanted that bike bad. For whatever reason, I could not get comfortable on that thing. And it was a little pricey. Then I saw this one. The gentleman brought it out and the minute my arse hit the seat, I knew. And the rest, as they say… I have done some pretty great stuff on this machine.


yeh…a trike with a trailer and my wife…I’d love the camping road trips we could go on. ah…but a dream. :stuck_out_tongue:

Had a blast on the V4 Tuono crazy fun, it was the first naked I had ridden that felt like a super bike :+1:


I loved riding this bike. I couldn’t take the smile off my face the entire time I was on it, which was the entire afternoon. Ridiculous fun. I could see swapping the FA for the Tuono. It would be a significant upgrade, to say the least! Had I been 10 years younger I would have done it already. But it’s getting harder for me to bend my body that way. The FA is much more comfortable.

Seeing the ZX-14’s in the background reminded me of the day I got to ride a Yoshimura modded Gen 2 Hayabusa for a whole day. There are no words, man. Point, shoot and hold the fuck on! But yeah, The Tuono is special.