Blessing 2 dusk vs 7hz Timeless

I have audeze isine 10, tin p1, ikko oh10, thieaudio L3, moondrop starfields. what would fit best as my (hopfully) last purchase blessing 2 dusk or 7hz timeless…?

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Folks around here get kind of excited at new product launches. I’d wait a bit for the dust to settle IMO.


I own both. I even have a video comparing both of them to magird tea. And whether its right for you is preferences. The video is more objective, but I will share why I prefer the timeless here.

Nutshell: the timeless is the only near harmanish tuned planar that I know of. It is simply the most fun and engaging planar I have heard.

What have I heard? Sundara through the Arya. A bunch of audeze up to lcd-xc. Drop ether cx… etc. It goes on. The euclid. Any other planar IEM.

I don’t EQ.

But, if you have specific goals, it is quite possibly not a fit for them. They are unique. And that uniqueness happens to speak to my preferences.

It should be noted, the dusk kept me in the hobby after I explored that big list of headphones (there are more) and found them lacking. The dusk made me want to explore again. And then I found stuff I like more than the dusk.


Dumb and absurd comparison!

Why do you have to be like this.


Can you share your preferences (sound and library), please? :slight_smile:

I ignored that guy a while ago. I think after having read like 20 comments of him, I didn’t find a single one that furthered the discussion or made an interesting point. More often than not they are insulting or extremly egocentrical, posing his opinion as the one and only truth (which is bad enough by itself, but when it comes to IEMs it is even worse).

What is it that you find lacking about your current collection? What are you hoping to get from another purchase (dusk, timeless or any other endgame purchase)?

I got the Blessing 2 recently and the Timeless is ordered, but not shipped yet… will take some more weeks, I guess, until it arrives.

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One of my comments is more valuable than 1000 of your comments, because I say what I think and it is objective! I’m glad you ignored me, because people like you don’t have a meaningful conversation! How do you compare these two IEMs just like that ???

Yeah Timeless makes Sundara sound a bit dull in comparison to my ears. Although the mids on Sundara might be a bit more revealing, the overall tonality on Timeless makes it a worthy trade-off.


I think if sundara had the tonality of the timeless, I would have been done in this hobby at my first headphone. Instead it caused an avalanche of insanity. In all that time and dozens of headphones, I have chosen to keep only three. The timeless, the dunu zen and the lsa hp-2 ultra. All three serve a unique purpose and have been the best for that purpose to me.

Now I am just exploring to see if their are other holes I would like to fill.


Thanks for the input bud. I am definitely a dumb and absurd guy! So i guess its fitting for me.


Mostly rock/metal stuff but i also listen to more electronic music as well ( love daft punk :wink: )
Tool is one of my favorite band.


Love how you start the meaningful conversation with “Dumb and absurd comparison!”
Honestly i know they are very different and probably should buy both but im just trying to get some other views on them to maybe get info and not have to get both. Thats why i gave a list of what i currently have as well.


Just ignore the trolls. If you don’t feed them, they go away.

If you give me tracks, I am happy to compare them and provide feedback.

I also still own the dusk, but it’s been supplanted. I would sell it but I keep it as a backup in case stuff happens.


I’d stay away from dusk then. My timeless is still in customs (x-mas gift by this rate), so I can’t help you with that.

Fellow DP lover? We salute you :call_me_hand:


I own both as well.

For rock/metal for sure stay away from Dusk. :slight_smile:


Yep that’s called an opinion 1 or 1000 comments = your personal opinion no more no less…at the end of the day there’s only music and opinions so no need to get arsey when folks ask nicely for advice.


If you go to his profile page you can choose to permanently ignore him. Works like a charm I’m finding out just now :wink:



And I plan to do this with you and others like you!

Pick timeless if you like fast, detailed and flat sound + if you like to use EQ.