Blon 03 hype thread

wanted to make a unnoficial thread for those like myself that got swept up in this IEM’s hype train with zeos’s free access patreon vid or other sources praising it.
so who else got swept up and joined the drop, ordered it elsewhere or already have it.

I got them when BGGA first talked about it… weeks ago? I thought it was so cheap, why not try it? Especially when he says they were the best dynamic driver IEMs he’s heard and even did a straight up comparison with the KXXS and said the BLON 03 is better. I had been thinking of getting a KXXS but this put a stop to that. Anyway, I love them. I didn’t actually expect to either, but they are actually really REALLY good. I don’t know what would actually be an upgrade to this. I think how much money would I have to spend to top this? How many hundreds? To have this tuning and this nice wide sound… I don’t have anything bad to say about them. Can’t think of any faults with how they sound. Only thing I did was buy a tripowin cable on amazon and I already had good dekoni foam tips. I’ve used them pretty much everyday, haven’t tired of them and have been thinking of buying a pair for a friend. I think they deserve all the hype they get.

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had to buy it wwhen zeos dropped the line where he said he would rather listen to theses the his hd 800’s now I don’t like the 800s too much and is far from my favorite headphone at the price range but to say it;'s better than those no I have to hear it. looking at measurements it looks to be up my alley cause I kinda want something as much as I love them less fatiguing than the t3. my mh 755’s should arrive soon which measurement wise is also up my alley

I got a pair too…and the Tapes…which are very good…not opened the BL0W’s yet (yes the 3 looks like a W) so will they go or blow?

I’ll post BGGA’s vids on them for the thread:

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ok. I got the Tin T1, then i got the Tin T3, took them back and got the KZ ZS10 Pro, now i got to do it again and get the Blon 03’s?

How much better is this to the KZ ZS10 Pro?

I was referring to zeos because he said the blons are more enjoyable the the 800s. Or would rather listen to the blons than the 800s

You don’t have to. I got it cause I have the disposable income and wanted to try it.

Does somebody know the difference in sound between these and the KZS10Pro? I was going to get those at some point for IEMs but now there are these. Zeos did say that these can sometimes be slightly harsh on some songs with the amount of detail, I’m just wondering.

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Ya think the Solaris is worth it? I’ve really been looking around and haven’t been interested in most tube amps, but for some reason really interested in the audiovalve

man I wish I wasn’t poor


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Well when I spend most of my life working and have little to no free time I think I should at least do something with what I get from it lol

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lol I spenda ton of time at work too. I just make less moneyper hour

as well being absorbed in other stupider hobbies

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This is pretty much my only hobby anymore and I also manage 3(ish) jobs to sustain it

well if they sound only as good as the Tin T2’s which ive heard then they’re not better than the KZ ZS10 Pro. I thought they sounded better than the Tin T2’s.

But the way Z talks they are the best in that price range. hmm…