Blon 03 hype thread

I bought a second pair (couldn’t help it). I don’t know about you, but I find it hilarious that I can listen to music on BL-03 right after my Hifiman Arya and not be disappointed by the sound. Sincerely, one of the few dynamic drivers that aren’t a pain to listen to for me.


That is impressive.

I am starting to put the sets that are disappointing like that in a box marked “to be sold / given away”. I think my collection is going to get streamlined this spring, and I will be happier for it.


Blon BL-03 seems to be the KPH30i of the IEM world.

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I think you might have nailed it with that “KPH30i of the IEM world”

My wife stole mine, I should have seen that coming, they were the purple ones. So I ordered a new pair of BL-03 over the CNY sale, for $22 ( when I got my Olina ). I finally opened the package this morning and after a week of nothing but Olina and Timeless, the BL-03 still sounds good. The cable is a bit janky, but the sound is great. Seriously these were $22 and they are fine with stock tips.


I kind of want to buy a second Blon BL-03 in purple and a clear yinyoo 4-core (Ali#33052488073) for a modding pair. I still love the note weight for female vocals and I hope someone can match the a similar tuning with the curvy pina gain followed by ~3 KHz to ~4 KHz scoop.

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I literally bought every single FOTM under 50 ever since these came out. Nothing ever came close to it. There’s something with these little shits that sounds absolutely magical. Not even Moondrop stuff thats way more expensive comes close to how enjoyable the 03’s sound is. Last dissapointment was the moondrop chu.

This is the greatest iem of all time.


Get the Sony XBA-N3 then.

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I love the Blon 03, I had no love for the N3AP at all :confused:

What’s the difference you saw with Blon03 and N3AP?

I’m not sure where to start because to me they were nothing alike. In their bass, mids, treble, soundstage, or timbre.

Curious, how do you describe its bass vs blon03? I know blon03 is slow to decay, deep and punchy. How do you find N3?

I get you with moondrop most of their hype IEM sounds thin like aria and b2. I came to love my BL03 after a few months of searching different IEMs, went back to it and tip rolled to the best wide tips the provided the best sound isolation. I can attest that tip rolling does really work, I found my sweet spot a few weeks ago and really loved it.

I’m on the same page I’m looking for something that’s has a similar signature and better technicalities than Blon03. I saw from @nymz’s post that N3 had a very similar graph so I am assuming that they may sound the same.

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I only had it fairly briefly. Overall I was surprised that “coherency” was meant to be a calling card of the N3AP because that’s the main way it sounded off to me - a boomy bass, a recessed mids gap, a reedy tweeter. They sounded distinct, and neither was doing anything in a way I loved. The bass had quantity and punch going for it.

Fortunately there was one second hand seller in my area. I got my N3 paired with 16 core copper cable and that bass bleed was something :laughing: the wide bore tips helped though.

I actually found the bass quite similar with Blon03 although I agree with @rattlingblanketwoman about the recessed mids it cannot be missed. I found it a little darker than Blon03.

I found Blon03 a slightly has little more weight in it than N3 but this might be because of the narrow tips I’m using on my Blon. N3 for me have better quantity, speed and deeper bass although at time it bleeds in the mids.

Blon03 have much forward vocals but I feel like N3 have smoother voice. Soundstage on N3 is better.

Overall its a fun set the way I want it :coffee:

Ignore my post above, my Qudelix was set to elevate the bass when I initially tested my new M3 :man_facepalming: bleed is gone and bass seems much is better.

Tri Clarion Eartips

These eartips turn this iem into a fucking Monster. Seriously, buy a pair of tri clarion Tips and stick them on your Bl03. Loved my blon before with stock Tips, spinfits etc… But with the Tri Clarion im genuinely amazed by the sound