BLON 05 Official Thread

Just got em. Will update on my channel and share with you folks if someone else hasn’t already


Is this the new version of the bl-03? Heard the bl-03 was getting an update. Or something different?

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I believe so. Waiting on details like confirmed driver and $$


If so, I’m real fucking hyped. I hope it delivers. Looking forward to what you think about them.


Quite the change in design on the shells, lets hope it’s as great as the 03’s were.

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From the photo they seem to have short stem still? But at least they’re angled. Hopeful.

From my sources they were supposed to be called the Blon BL 03 mk2

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Also found this

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Same crappy wire it looks like. Oh well.
And I just got my normal BL-03! :sob:


Can’t be as crappy as the one now

Oh yeah that wire, replaced it within 1 day because hated it so much ^^

I hope that’s 2 pin. Not keen on MMCX.

It looks like it’s still 2 pin, but idk

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It wouldn’t be a deal breaker anyway. Most of my stuff is 2 pin for the exception of the Tin T2. I’m diggin’ the new look though. Looking forward to the reviews.

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It’s amazing that no-one has thought to put a stabilizing bolt on MMCX connectors. I’m sick of how loose they always are.

Why? Personally i prefer MMCX over 2 pin all day

2 pin for the win, 2 pin will work forever where as mmcx has a shelf life.

I’m Cautiously optimistic about this one based on cribs early review my ears aren’t as agreeable with bggar’s impressions as they are to crin’s impressions

I just hope the go for a more standard pin and hopefully recessed instead