Blon B20 vs Verum One

So these are the 2 headphones I’m considering rn, I might just skip getting parts for a new PC and drop $350 on a headphone, if so, which should I get?

The Verum One MK2 has the same sound as the regular Verum with the perforated pads btw.

Also if you have other headphone ideas chime in.

Personally I would go with the verum as that I enjoyed more, but it depends on what type of sound you want

Well why did you enjoy the Verum more?

Also could you give me a general idea about their sound, based on graphs the Blon seem more similar to the HD600 series and the Verum seems more similar to Hifiman’s

I thought it was more fun sounding, it had very good impact and enjoyable low end, pretty good mid-range, and a smoother high end than the blon b20 to me. The verum has more bass definition, but the b20 has more treble detail. The b20 does not sound like a senn to me. The verum is kinda like a bit warmer hifiman sound so that is somewhat similar


Which pads did you use for the Verum tho, the leather or the perforated leather

It was the regular leather if I recall correctly

I wonder if the perforated leather pads will sound better :thinking:

I haven’t done anything like a careful comparison or even any comparison super recently, but I think the perforated leather pads made the Verum1 a bit less dark; still, a it is a darker headphone than the Blon B20 either way.

Verum1 has more even mids, giving it more timbral accuracy (I think noticeable on “real instruments” at least). Blon will be more “energetic”/fun. I don’t know — but I can readily imagine that — someone who listens to a lot of electronic stuff might prefer the Blon. I like both headphones, mind you. But timbre on real instruments makes the Verum win for me.


Meant to add… Verums might like volume a bit more. I am usually a quieter listener, but need to turn up the Verums to “get” what they have to offer.

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Aren’t the Verum supposed to be really easy to drive tho ? :thinking:

The are actually demanding on some amps because of their vary low impedance and most headphone amps aren’t designed for that.

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What about onboard

That will not work very well lol

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Why tho xD

I have never tried them with a phone or DAP. I should do that some time.

I have used a single-ended attenuator for the Atom or a balanced one for the Monolith 887 — which are probably not needed, but I feel better/safer about the possibility of overheating the amps with more resistance. The single ended cost something like a buck and the balanced I had made for around $12 iirc.

Onboard as in mainboard onboard?

High ohm means that a big voltage drop occurs on the resistance.
So in order to get a big amplitude (= voltage = volume), you need very little current.

Now think about 8Ohm, that is very little resistance. So in order to get amplitude, you need ALL the current.
Can you drive passive speakers from onboard? (hint: no)

So why would you be able to drive the Verum’s?

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I am confuse, also yes motherboard onboard, doesn’t the less ohms something has the easiest it is to drive ?

Take a bucket, no holes. That is infinte ohm, you can fill it up but can’t create flow.

Now drill a small hole. That is 50 Ohm, you can fill it to an extend and get water flow.

Now take a bucket and saw the bottom out, that is 8 Ohm, good luck filling that.

but that goes against how this shit works, aint low ohm headphones easy to drive and high ohm headphones hard to drive ?

No, that is how it works. A headphone amp is not designed to drive low ohm loads like that