Blon B60 - anybody tried these yet?

Aliexpress sometimes recommends me interesting stuff, last week it showed me this, the Blon B60:

The design caught my attention, i love the dark wood plus black headband (a version with a silver headband is also available), but other than that i didn’t give much thought until yesterday, when this well known Brazilian reviewer aired a video about it:

Gentlemen, you had my curiosity… but now you have my attention

There’s no english subtitles, but since i speak portuguese, i can give a gist of it, he really likes the B60, he mainly made some comparisons with the slightly higher priced :large_blue_diamond: Sivga SV021 he had also reviewed a few months prior, claiming that all around the B60 was a more enjoyable experience, he had some reservations about the bass response, claiming it was mainly focused on the sub bass region, but also said that it had no major flaws in his opinion.

Anybody tried one of these yet?
I’ve had several Blon models over the past few years, i was thinking about adding this one to the list as well.

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No thanks. I tried the Blon B30 with the 70mm driver. Horrible build. ear cups had way to less movement before stopped by the frame. Result was that only the upper half of the earpad touched my skin.

BL60 FR looks wonky

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Same here, but, i also have the B8s which were great for the price.
The BL30 seemed to be a rush job, it was very weird.

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I did not enjoy the B8 at all…but then again, they were the least expensive headphones in my lot, so I had a hard time appreciating them against the HD599se or NAD Viso HP50’s.

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I mainly compared my B8 to my friend’s SHP9500 (which i dislike) and my own AKG K361, between those the B8 comes ahead in my opinion, but of course that’s just personal taste.
They are, however, inferior to my Kuba Disco 1 in sound, the Disco is way more fun.

It seems there’s quite a few reviews out from (at least to me) well known reviewers now… :slightly_smiling_face:

just because one doesn’t work doesn’t mean others won’t. :wink:

I still really want to try these. I picked up a pair Meze 99 Neo’s and have been really enjoying them.

Ah, dream headphone for me, they almost 3x as the Blons where i live

You could look into trying Meze 99 Noir (The drop version) if they ship to your part of the world

I just ordered HD599SE & Blon B60. I am hoping the 599 will have soundstage. I only got the B60 because Z Reviews liked it. So far he is batting 1000 for me. Recently I saw another reviewer liked the B60, but only on certain songs. I might just send them back. I have high hopes for the HD599SE though.

Im not really a headphone guy. I got some cheap AKG knock offs from Samson years ago, & some B&W P7s. I got the B&Ws many years ago, because they’re B&Ws. They sound great, but they don’t have any soundstage.

My old DT770Pros conked out many years ago, but I got them for studio use & didnt know anything about image & soundstage back then. I never had a really good amp for them. I thought they were ok sounding on my old VPI Nomad Gen1.

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I am kind of out of the loop when it comes to BLON lately, and the last good ones that I ordered from them would be their BLON BL-03 and BLON BL-05S. Afterwards, I don’t even know what the fuck happened to BLON, for most of their recent stuff to me has been kinda’ meh or even lackluster.

I kept my 599se but did not keep my Blon B60’s…

I haven’t opened the B60. I’m thinking of just sending them back. The 599s seem to have some of the soundstage I was looking for & thats just on initial listen for an hour or so. They need some burn in, right?
Another thing, since its a 2.5mm balanced termination at the headphone, why is it single ended on the amp side? A 4.4mm balanced would be the logical termination on the amp side.

Now back to your regularly scheduled B60 programming.

I see my mistake now. The 2.5mm TRS is only balanced if its used as mono, but its unbalanced in stereo. So never mind then.

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