Bluetooth adapter for wired headphones

Can anyone suggest a brand or model for use with wired headphones - one that is reliable? I’ve already had problems with 2 brands on Amazon that appear to be Chinese and not well known names in sound. Thanks!

Here this maybe of help :+1:

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iFi GO blu or Qudelix 5K.

The Qudelix is cheaper and has more features. But it’s also on backorder damn near everywhere due to its popularity and supply chain problems.

Fiio BTR5 is my go to

What headphones? I can vouch for the new Fiio utws5. You have to do some adapting for either 2.5mm or 3.5mm, but they are legit.

I am a Qudelix 5K or BTR5 fan, they work on all of my headphones and has some decent power on them too.