Bookshelf Speaker recommendation?

Hi everyone, I would like some recommendations for bookshelf speakers or powered monitors at probably the $200 - $400 price range but could extend it a bit. I’m also trying to get a DAC and amp but was thinking that I should probably get the speakers first but you can also recommend me one if it’s okay to post it here.

Edit: I’m leaning towards the Triangle BR03 but not sure if that would be the best fit for my needs.

This will be mainly used for my desktop for music, movies, and gaming. Yeah, in that order. I’ve looked at Zeos’ guides but not sure if it’s updated with the new ones in the market that might be, I guess better? Anyway, any recommendation is appreciated. Thanks.

What kind of music do you listen to?

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Rock (mostly metal), Hiphop, Reggae and a little bit of everything though pretty much mainstream music except for the rock genre.

Hey, welcome!

Not the most direct of advice but I’d encourage to think about what you want longer term a bit more. There’s a lot of us that would throw a good chunk of money to chase that 5% upgrade but given that you’re a the very beginning you have options.

Have you heard high end systems before, how much fidelity and thump or stage or just plain fun are you looking for? I ask because you can spend money (maybe a little more than your budget) and be happy enough to never want to upgrade.

Buying a good pair of powered monitors means you don’t have to buy a DAC, you don’t have to buy an Amp and you have a lot more desktop real estate free for whatever it is you keep on your desk.

There are a lot of options out there but you will never have the opportunity you have now available to you; That is starting from a clean slate.

Once you buy that first piece of equipment you’re on a path that is set and will dictate the rest of your purchases…

Unfortunately your speakers ARE the most important part of the chain, so if you want good powered monitors you’ll have to spend a bit more but like I said you may be done after your first and only purchase.

Whatever you do, just enjoy the music. That’s what we’re all here for.

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Thanks db_Cooper. I haven’t heard any high end systems before or at least for speakers. I’ve heard high end cans but I do not know much about the technicality of it but would say that the sound I’ve heard is far better from the ones I’m used to and I mean it’s night and day.

As for the DAC or AMP, I’m planning to get it just because I also want to use a headphone in the future but right now the speakers/monitors are my priority. The availability of these speakers is killing me though.

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adam audio t5v are pretty good for 400/pair. the bro’s are good, but need amp/dac and more $. kanto makes some great powered in that price range. jbl powered, but wait for them to be on one of their massive sales. edi’s swans and audioengines in the price range i feel you do not get the bang for buck as much as kanto, adam audio, or jbl.
i agree with DB, starting fresh rocks :slightly_smiling_face: but everyone has a budget, pay more get more. in your budget though, i think powered would be the way to go.


I may wait for those JBLs but do you think the Vanatoo Transparent One Encore is great? I feel like it’s gimmicky at certain points but not really sure. I’m looking at Kanto Tuk and the Vanatoo at this point but might consider just getting the br0 and get an amp/dac so I can also use it for a headphone.

As for the budget, I could not go past $1k at this point for just speakers so that’s that. Thanks for the inputs though. I’ll keep those in mind.

the vanatoo’s are nice. ribbon tweeter on the kanto tuk’s though… :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

you will have better sound out of the kanto tuk’s, but more versatility out of the bro3’s with an amp/dac.

the bro3’s have a pretty great sound as well. i am debating on triangles or tekton for my next purchase. How space limited are you? tekton has 4 or 5 pairs of speakers for 765$ or less. 2 or 3 pairs for 565$ on sale atm. the mini lore monitors are 565$ atm with an 8" woofer + tweeter. they are large bookshelfs.

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Corporate shill here - incoming bias! TUK would be a nice all-in-one solution since it already has a DAC built-in (technically not a DAC since the speaker has a full digital signal path) and a headphone out which is a feature missing on a lot of competitors products - eliminates the need for an additional piece of gear. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Ok, after watching a few reviews, may not be the best reference on what to buy but so far I’m leaning towards the BR03 but I am not sure what AMP & DAC to buy or even a amp/dac combo. Just enough to power those triangles I guess? As for space, a bit limited but planning to mount the BR03 (if ever I get those) since most of the reviews I’ve watched mentioned about having just enough space from the wall for it to sound not too bassy.

@kantoliving - Kanto will probably be it but still looking for suggestions. Would definitely like to have a separate dac and amp though. Thanks for chiming in.

topping pa3 is around 110$, emotiva basx a100 229$
ifi zen dac 129$(if you want warm sound), donald dac 99$, topping d10 90$
cambridge audio axr100 499$, sprout100 599$

some suggestions to check out. onkyo and harmon kardon stereo integrated are also good for under 500$, but are avr size units. first line are amps, then dacs, then integrated.

I currently have a pair of these in my listening room and they’re very good for the price. They also work really well on a desk.