Budget DAC + AMP

I’ve been thinking about upgrading from my FX audio DAC-X6 to separate AMP & DAC. Im pretty much decided on amp - JDS Atom but Im still not sure about what dac to take … Ive been thinking about Topping D30 or D10 or even JDS OL dac or Schiit Modi…
Any suggestions?

I’d recommend the Topping D10. I’m personally using a Topping D50 with the JDS Labs Atom, so I think Topping pairs well with it.


Is there anybody who already tried “new” Magni 3+/ Heresy? any opinions about them?

Clarity seems like it’s probably pretty similar to the older magni amps, possibly a bit better (still hast the schiit house-sound), but lots of power for a small amp at the price compared to the Atom and other simlar $100 amps.

Well, for portability and I just ordered today, I ordered the Topping NX3s and I have heard that is a good one to use. You might want to give that one a try as well if you are in a tight budget.

JDS OL dac looks like it would stack nicely with the Atom

Yeah the atom works well with the d10

Tested the new Geshelli Archel 2 pro. Really liking that one… Also the liquid spark is a fantastic sounding amp.

I’m using the Schitt modi 3 DAC. So far haven’t felt the need to replace it

@Muscle Im glad you asked. I asked the same kind of question on the aiva forum. I have the fx audio dac x6 but looking for a upgrade. I asked the guys between…
Smsl sp200 for the amp and use fx for the dac, or geshelli labs archel 2 and enog 2 pro for amp and dac. They work out to roughly the same. But just not sure which route to go.

I think they are pretty close as well, and TBH I think if you need the extra power the sp200 might be the pick, and if you don’t, the stack

Hey Mon, thanx for the speedy reply. I have sendi aivas and wont be upgrading any time soon, maybe yhe elex lol. But yea looking for a decent amp and dac for years to come.

I personally think with the headphones you have, the stack might be the better sounding imo because of the better dac

Thanx a lot. I see the archel 2 pro is 500mw a 16ohm where the fx audio is 1watt at 16ohm. Will the better amp in the archel pro still be superior over the fx audio regardless the power difference?

IMO yes. The sendys and elex aren’t that hard to drive, and the archel 2 has more finesse and is a better sounding amp imo. An amp does not only provide more power, it should provide good fidelity. I see a few number of amps that can throw power but don’t sound that great compared to less powerful amps. I’m not saying that less power = better, but just saying that power output does not always equal quality amplification.

Also I think the dac is better than your fx as well which would help in quality improvement

Thanx so much MON, will get the G stack and give feedback. Thanx a mil

I have a comparison coming out soon. The Magni 3 has 4 times the power compared to the Archel 2 pro, but the Archel 2 pro sounds more pleasing to the ear across a variety of music. As Mon said if you don’t need the power the Archel 2 pro…

I’m writing the review for it as well now.

I’ll also mention the liquid spark. It has more power than the Atom or Archel 2 pro, less than the Magni 3 and sounds as good or better in some cases compared to the Archel 2 pro. Can’t go wrong with either of those

I do like the spark, but it might not be for some because of the slight coloration

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Very good to know, thanx guys

Indeed. The Archel is slightly more transparent.

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