Budget DAP good for sensitive iems

I’m looking for a budget sub$100 dap for my SO that is:

  1. Simple, has an easy to use intuitive interface.
  2. Can drive sensitive IEMs fine without any noise or hiss.

This is going to be paired with a BLON BL-03 so I’m hoping it will be a killer Christmas combo.

Currently I was looking at a FiiO M3K since it appears to be $50 on Amazon atm, but I’m having a hard time figuring out if this fits what I’m looking for or not.

Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Shanling M0 should be good.

I think it would be worth it to step up to the fiio m6 if you were looking in the 100 range

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My concern with the M0 is that it would be too small and unwieldy.

There is also a pretty good deal on this hidaz


Also I have heard pretty good things about this player from people I know

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The price point is mostly because most of my money is being spent on getting a new monitor for the main present, so I thought sub $100 seemed reasonable, but I guess it’s not quite realistic. The M6 looks good, but for the price I feel like I should just buy another LG V20 and set that up :stuck_out_tongue:. The MF01 is interesting to me, but it has a low battery life and tbh its looks aren’t for everyone. I’d go so far as to say it’d make a bad impression, possibly (I think it looks cool, though).

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Could be true lol. Yeah the m6 is pretty solid but I do like the v20 lol. Also how is your v20 holding up so far?

Holding up fine, has good battery life, too. I always keep it in battery saver mode, for that reason. But it’s responsive and does everything I need it to do. Briefly used it with my aeolus the other day too, and it drove it well. Even bought a folding case for it. It was a badass rec and I’m glad you told me about it.

Actually, now that I think about it, UAPP is quite beautiful, and would probably be received well, for someone new to daps.

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It works pretty well in my experience, I really like that player. TBH for a simple player the stock one isn’t bad either per se, its fairly dead simple

Also since you can take the back off an swap out the battery you can buy battery packs and charge them and if the battery dies you can swap it out for the new one like a camera lol

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This is like deja vu. I’ve apparently made a second thread about daps where it still ends in a, oh yeah lg v20 probably best dap bro. :laughing: But I apparently needed to make the thread just to be reminded of it. Thanks M0N ^^

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Well the v20 is good as long as you aren’t trying to get away from a touch screen phone like device lol. In that case something like the MF01 might be more appropriate

As I understand it, the MF01 is for people with touch screen phobias and those looking for the long lost comfort of an era in which touch screens were purely in the realm of science fiction.

I still really like my questyle QP2R when I want simplicity. I also at one point really wanted to get a lotoo paw gold (non touch) (it’s pretty awesome)

Those are definitely cool looking players (and expensive! whoa!) That lotoo looks amazing.

IKR, I really like that type/design and the functionality. At this point I should just buy a Sony DMP-Z1 and call it a day with daps lol

That price man, jeez. Is this supposed to be the ultimate dap or something? It better be.

It better be lol. I was pretty crazy when I heard it. I have a friend who has one and it’s an absolute unit. It’s crazy

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you love that thing I remember when you told me about the dmp-z1 still think it would be funny to carry it on your shoulder like a boom box

When you get one, I expect a full essay/review here.

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Seriously you like have to lol

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