Building YOUR Headphone Ideas! (DMS video official)

Hey guys!

Here’s the official thread for my video series 3D printing and building your headphone ideas.

Here’s the first video explaining things:

The empty closed back 6XX STL to start off: 6XX closed back.stl - Google Drive

Red is 6XX stock
Blue is 6XX closed back.
It’s worth noting that with NO filler in the cups it didn’t measure this well. As mentioned in the video I used dynamat, foam, poly-fill, and “dekoni choice leather” pads to tune it.

It also doesn’t just have to be closed back mods. You can model something open back. A new baffle, new grills, whatever you want.

It’s worth noting that these models have to be printable. Things like ear-cups I’ll probably print on the back side of the cup (inner side facing up). If you’ve designed it to print on a certain side or face with support structures, include that in the details of your post. Or if you want to be really precise, you can pre-slice the model for a Creality Ender 3 or Ender 3 v2 (what I’ll be printing on).

Upload your models to this thread and maybe they’ll make it into the video! See you all soon!


My thought would be going the route of the Drop Pandas. Using rings of foam with a cone in the center. Now, i am aware that the Panda does this AFTER the driver instead of behind, So i would work with in front of the driver with your already included foam.

I would also see about adding a small port near the bottom of the cup with your current foam. Nothing fancy, just a small 1/8 inch or 1/16th inch hole.

This is gonna be fun.

I’ll whip a couple things up.

If anyone has any ideas but doesn’t know how to do CAD, let me know. I’ll probably be able to make it.


I really would like a wireless 6xx. BTR 5 tech is proof it sounds good wireless. I use it balanced and love it but Would love it even more if I can just pick it up Click it on and go!

Don’t know how to do CAD but a suspension strap for a 6xx would be cool

it would be interesting to see how does different sized hexagonal grills influence the sound?

I have been making these Diana guards for a while, the 3D model is in the thread. It could be a bit difficult to print in FDM as it is designed to print with SLA printers.

Photo Credit: sanguineburrito and me

I also made these closed-back cups for Dianas, wasn’t working great as I don’t have enough knowledge to properly tune them. Thought anyone might want it.


Does the thread require a model upload? I really want to see a Focal Clear mod that just widens the stage, but I can’t make models. Pad swapping - sure, but I was also thinking of 3D earcup extensions that click on the pad pins.

just sharing my pair of HD6XX closed back that been using for 1yr or so. not 100% closed, but still looks like a HD6xx externally. Sound is more neutral, stage is narrower, busy music passages that has alot of mid warm/ohm might has slight bloating, but no issue using them in public areas like on a train and bus. The mod is irreversible btw.

Closing of the grill is re-using the initial front dust sponge/foam. Cut it smaller by about 2-3mm around the edge, glue it onto a pcs of leather/peather. After dry cut it to the foam shape. Apply a bit of faster drying glue to the under side of the grill and wait til it gets abit tacky (to prevent the piece from drooping). Stuff the piece into the gap between the grill and the cover plastic pieces. Seal up the inner perimeter using 3-4mm elastic cord (those that you can buy from embroidery shop)
Cover the front of the driver with speaker dust clothe.
Irreversible (Removed the foam from the back of the driver - apply “bitumen sheet” (aboout 3-4 layers thick) to the back of the driver like it picture - using thumbtack, made a very small hole at each of the 4 paper section at the back of the driver)

I have no clue how to do CAD or anything with 3D printers, but maybe a cup for the 6XX that looks something like the inside on the one shown below would be a cool idea. Specifically referring to the square pattern in the plastic cups.

This is from a Focal Elegia.

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I have a spare pair of kph30i drivers after the headband broke so a new shell for them would be cool. I’m trying to think about what they should sound like though, maybe turn them into a budget HD600 and make them mid forward.

Modding with 3D printing was meant to be and it was almost too quiet after the Alpha Dogs.
I saw @MachoManOHHYEAH’s post and thought I would make something similar on CAD.

It looks like an abomination and I have no idea how it would sound sonically as I do not have a 6XX to test it out. But here it is, I recommend printing this file with the outside of the cup down on the plate with 20% infill.

Focal-Inspired 6XX Closed Back.stl (Highest Quality, 146Mb)

Focal-Inspired 6XX Closed Back.stl (Lower Polygon Model, 1.5Mb)

The two STLs basically look the same but the higher quality file has smoother corners and edges.

Love the idea and it would be nice to see a series where people submit their ideas weekly and DMS tests it out. Cough, fan showdown, cough cough.


You have to try these out, they seem very interesting but haven’t found any real tests yet

printing this today! Very cool


how about adding some spikes inside the cups for diffusing, kinda like how focal does their closed-backs

I wonder whether having a double walled cup that could be filled with noise isolating foam or something else would help increase noise isolation. :thinking:

Check my post! Already done that and DMS is printing it.

3D Print this Full 3D Printed Headphone with Koss KSC75 Drivers & optional cat ears by gumo_design - Thingiverse

This is Koss KSC75 Mod that makes it a normal headphone with a headband that have the KSC75 drivers in them, Try it out and make a video on it would be very interesting.


I don’t know how to do anything with CAD but I would be interested to see:

  • A larger cavity stuffed with polyfill
  • Two tunnels for air flow that have an internal sinusoidal texture (preferably starting at top/bottom traveling towards the center) I linked an example
  • The most badass/thickest earpads available

Printing the tunnels might be difficult, but working the texture into a type of “vent” might be easier.