Bullet style IEMs with replaceable cable

I love the aesthetics and the fit (I think?) of bullet style IEMs, but as of the moment, the only decent options I’ve been able to find costing less than about 115 euro, are the Smabat NCOs. Anyone know of any others?

Intime iems
Final Audio E series

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Etymotic products


Thanks for the answers, unfortunately in Italy, the final audio E4000 is the most affordable option available, and it costs about 130 euro. Also I seem to not be able to find any Intime iems.

Thanks, problem is the cheapest Etymotic with a removable cable in Italy costs 150 euro.


You can email them here: [email protected]
To order from them.

Otherwise the E4000 is pretty expensive and I think it is overpriced by todays standards…

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I second this.

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it would be good to save up that bit extra needed. they’re an excellent product!

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On amazon.de the E1000, E3000 and E5000 are available.
Out of the three i can recommend the E1000, although i haven’t heard the others, but still IMO they are really neutral and well tuned. For 30-40 euros are really excellent.

Otherwise yeah you should just save up and buy Etymotic ER2SE, i haven’t heard them but i only read good things about them.

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The E1000 and E3000 are good. I also recommend them.

The E2000, E4000 and E5000 however are either too expensive or just not competing in the price they are at.

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The E1000 and E3000 don’t have replaceable cables :+1:


oh, lol. Missed that in the title.

ehm…not sure what else is available with a bullet fit and a replaceable cable at those prices really…

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Oops, just noticed the “with replaceable cable”. My bad.

Yeah there really aren’t any more options at this price point, the ER2SE seem to be cheapest option.

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Dont think the ER2 series is under 115 euro either. They are massively overpriced in europe…

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Yeah but still, it’s basically the only good option and the closest to his budget, although yes overpriced.

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Well, Tin hifi iems are relatively small and could be worn without earhooks…
I also just found out that final audio is on german amazon with free shipping, so excuse me, I ve got money to spend…

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Bullet style or super small IEMs are pretty popular on the Japanese market. China is the one pushing the custom-style, for the most part.

Final Audio, JVC, Zero Audio, Yamaha, to name a few.

But bullet-style doesn’t take well to replaceable cable. Tiny shells don’t take well to adding a jack, hence the higher prices when considering Japan’s production costs plus the more expensive manufacturing costs of the jack.

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Thanks for the Intime suggestion, had never heard of them, and Japanese electonics intrigue me. Although honestly it might just be easier to go with something with typical chifi form factor lol. I just wanted to be different :cry:, but if that means throwing money at an inferior product, I might not.

They use DD + piezo (they call it VST), pretty unique sound.

Other than that, yes I do think you are limiting yourself a lot by needing both bullet fit and replacable cable.

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One day I might try them out, but atm I’m looking for something a cheaper. Main reason being that I’m getting these to replace the TWS IEMs I use pretty much only when I’m out and about (I tend to prefer my overear open backs when I’m at home), and I’m a pretty clumsy/ forgetful person (I’ve lost like 5 phones in 9 years :joy:) so something expensive might be a little risky.