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Burson came out with this and wanted to get input if I should buy it? Should I think if this like a budget equivalent of the powerman to the formula S?

Blockquote How to push the performance of your Burson to a whole new level? Connect a Super Charger to it!

Quieter = Hearing More

The Super Charger has twice the working frequency of standard power supply units. With that, it pushes DC noise further above human hearing. As a result, it allows a deeper dive into the micro-details. It reveals more texture and decay around each note and more acoustic information in the air between instruments and vocalists.

Faster Charge = More impactful

The Burson Super Charger doubles the charging frequency to power capacitors inside the audio amplifier. The resulting sound is more impactful with a bigger and deeper soundstage.

It also works with non-Burson Products.

As long as your equipment uses 24V/3A, has a 2.5mm barrel plug and is centre positive, the Super Charger will work.

Retail Value 285USD
Shipping, early August 2021

20% off Pre-Order offer.


Before the 31st of July, pre-order the Super Charger 3A for just 228USD + shipping.

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Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) [+] raises voltage frequency from 50Hz to 170kHz, pushing noise beyond human hearing. Its low impedance ensures abundant and instant energy for output transistors. The C3X Reference uses 5 sets of MCPS: Which means, Display/Functionality, DAC, analouge left and analouge right are all separately powered.

This is the same tech they claim is already included in their Conductor 3XR, not sure how raising the frequency yet again would help there. Active noise reduction or a good LPS would seem a better option for Burson owners of equipment that already had the tech. Maybe this would be better on other 24v amps? I’m all for improved sound but something isn’t adding up for me here, seems like a lot of marketing rah rah in for the power supply. Not saying that it wouldn’t work but certainly seems redundant for the Soloist and Conductor.

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'There are no gimmicks here. We did not invent new elements nor space-tech. And submarines certainly do not use it to lower their noise floor. Instead, it is based on nearly two decades of experience building power supplies for audio, then assembled with the best parts we can find. The resulting improvement is instantly audible and across the entire audio spectrum." From Burson’s website, let see if it true or not :)))

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My point is maybe… but that technology is already in the Conductor and the Soloist. It’s what they’ve been using to tout their power supply section in the amp.

So does this technology do anything for those amps is my question.

I agree your point seems completely valid I hope Lachlan or Burson will address it. I’d love to spend the money if it makes a noticeable improvement but not in snake oil.

Has anyone else had issues with their unit producing a static hiss on start up? Apparently this is a somewhat common issue potentially caused by a faulty opamp. This guy’s unit killed his Susvara’s.

I’ve been hearing at least some static after long periods of off time for the past several days. One of the times it was concerningly loud.

According to this post, the headphone blowing up thing is only caused by a rare fault due to a bad solder joint. So I guess keep using my unit for now.

No static on my Conductor 3XR, dead silent actually. The problem with the popping sounds described in your link, when turning off it pops through my powered monitors, not the headphones. Burson said it’s a design process of how the power supply discharges during the powering off process. I leave my headphones plugged in and my monitors always on. The pop isn’t loud, just annoying if I turn the amp off at 2am and my wife is sleeping.

The static though is not normal. I’d say try a set of OP amps and see if the problem goes away, if it does, then you found your issue, a bad OP amp.

I have 4 of the Red Vivids (the default) as I preferred their sound most as opposed to a couple of other OP amps I tried including the orange Bursons.

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I bought one and will see how it goes. I don’t think it’s that kind of snake oil, considering how good their products are. Not saying I’m not skeptical, but we’ll see.

According to their video, the MCPS is a 2-stage process. So this upgraded super charger is probably that 1st step, I’m assuming.

Which ones have you tried? I have some Staccato op-amps on the way, and they are interesting indeed.

Best thing to try is switch to the troubleshooting op-amps, but I’m sure you already sent them an email.

Orange Classics the V5i and 3602 Sparkos, just because they came with the amp when I got it and I had the V5i. They are all different, but I was going for detail and the Vivids excelled in that, the rest of my chain just worked best with them.

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My unit didn’t come with any which I’m guessing is because it’s an early one. I may try moving them around. But I’ll wait for Burson to get back to me

I think all units should have them…the seller you bought it from probably didn’t include them.

I have some and mine was one of the first batches.

It’s also possible I somehow lost them. I’ll ask my seller if they were with the classics I chose not to buy or something.

I’m trying to decide on this or the Singxer sa-1.
What I can’t find in any sort of consistency is sound signature.
Zeos kind of tip toed around it saying it’s clean a d big sounding. He really didn’t compare it to the Singxer or even the flux labs or fax mini.
An Aussie product I’d like to support local. Although the price is ridiculous this would the ultimate upgrade.
Currently I have a 789 and I am looking for something with a little more warmth and bass.
Considering tubes but for every day use I would like a nice class a.

Lachlan from passion for sound did a brief comparison on his singxer review if I remember correctly.

I have watched that review so many times. I watched sound news and there was another site, on the Burson home page. They all seem to conflict, or at least the descriptions don’t line up.
I am probably going the burons, they have a good return policy regardless.

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I think Singxer-SA1 will suit you better, it best to hear both of those amp, because Soloist 3xp is much more expensive than Singxer SA-1

One first take review on the new power supply

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I have both the Singxer Sa-1 and the Soloist right now and the soloist is much better in almost everyway. The advantage of the SA-1 is the price, the RCA outs, and it runs cooler than the Soloist. The Soloist is better at everything else and I think is worth it’s price. I was able to get it on sale for $999 though. You also need special transformer XLR to RCA converters, if you want to pre-amp singled ended devices on the Soloist.

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Have you tried the jumper mod? I’ve heard quite a few people at this point say it’s the only way it’s relevant.