Buy/Sell and Looking for Thread

hmm, I don’t think its a bad idea either… but perhaps an early headsup or link to their ads on head-fi being posted or ebay or something would be a pretty neat addition. Who would you have to get the okay from?

Selling a few cans to make room for the Elegias. Will update this post with the new listings as I make them. Please feel free to PM me for more info or pictures. SOLD SOLD


My two cents as someone who’s already sold something through the site. I like the idea of giving members a shot at something I’m selling. I also like the idea that its tax exempt, and eBay doesn’t need to take a slice off the selling price.

Wonder if it can’t simply be like the post above, seller and buyer arrange a private deal we can simply post wanted items and items for sale and just have the site free of any responsibility. Just a post with that statement at a fixed header should suffice.

I’ve got at least a few things I’d get rid of at a fair price but also more than likely keeping more of the money than had I’d gone through eBay.

Things I’ve sold recently that probably would have been a more productive sale had they gone through here.

  1. Peachtree Decco2 Hybrid integrated amp.
  2. LG v30 & LG v40
  3. Have an iFi nano iOne up for sale.

Personally I don’t care how stuff is taken care of as long as it doesn’t involve the forum in responsibility


You mean you don’t want to be held personally responsible?

EDIT: should have but a sarcasm smiley here.

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The admins, owners, and providers of hifiguides will provide no support in assistance, facilitation, and conflicts regarding selling and trading, please do so at your own risk. By engaging in commercial activity like trading and selling, hifiguides does not officially endorse this activity and will not be held liable for anything involved in these activities. Or something like that, not really a legal document so that statement is useless

See the other topic for potential flaws


I just figured I would lean into it lol


we need to do this regularly, that was quick. Thank you and done.

Well, I don’t want to sell anything BUT I’m still looking to BUY the OLDER style of HD600 if anyone has a pair and we can come to terms.


I was about to reach out as well. I’m glad you finally scored a pair, enjoy!


WTB a USB Mic or an XLR one with an interface. Will be teaching from home more often and need to fix my microphone issues. Let me know if you have an extra, thanks!

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Do any you guys use a third party service like Shippo for buying shipping labels? I’ve been doing some research and it looks like I can save a fair bit by using it.

Also I’m selling a Magni 3. (Though my recommendation would always be to spend the extra on a 3+)

I wanted to drop these two here. I will do up an ad for the SP200 tomorrow.
For the Canadians among us:


Selling my Fostex TR-X00 Hart Audio Cable. If interested let me know and we can talk a different price than what’s listed on eBay.

Had others here but they sold quick.


Cheers mate. Grabbed the 4.4mm interconnect. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


Thanks man. Yeah the others went quick.


Since i got my Helios im gonna be selling a lot of heaphones here. Stay tuned


WTB - anything free for a broke ass enthusiast :frowning: :slight_smile:

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Parting with my babies since can’t really take advantage of them currently. :C

I got amps so cheap, it seems like they’re free! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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