Buy/Sell and Looking for Thread

Just incase anyone was curious on these that were posted to ebay. These are indeed my posting despite the low reputation on the account, I don’t sell a lot on ebay. I ended up with another copy through a stroke of luck for much cheaper than my current copy. Of course I can also accept offers on them if you want to pm me about them since ebay takes a chunk out of my funds on sales.

You used Shippo before? Did you stop using them because you found a better way for getting labels?

Yup and I only stopped because the amount I was shipping lessened… it’s a good service imo

Selling my Galaxy Buds plus (black) with everything in box. 120$. can use Ebay or paypal.

pretty sure you should change the paper to your forum name here bub.

yes its for reddit. if i need to change it i can. most people dont have pictures so i figured it was ok but i see your point

I say it cause your ad post was your very first post…so that comes off as suspicious. just trying to head off potential issues so everyone is comfortable. :slight_smile:

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very true. i understand here is updated picture

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So if anyone in Europe is interested I have for sale He4XX, Meze99 (Drop version) and a Smsl Sp200. Everything bought around Christmas and pretty much unused and barely burned in.

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awesome! and welcome to HFG :smiley:


Selling my beloved xDuoo TA-20. I can’t believe it myself, but my journey is making me leave this little jewel of an amp behind. I’m sure some people will attest that this is one of the most underrated headphone amps around. Sounds great balanced, sounds even sweeter with a nice vintage 1960s matched pair of Sylvania tubes ($40 pair which of course I’m throwing in as well as the stock tubes)

PM me if interested I’ll give it a couple of days before I throw it on a couple of sites. Always prefer paying it forward to the community here. $290 flat, no shipping no taxes and no hassles. :slight_smile:


If I wasn’t spending my check on a new phone…

I’ve always kinda kept my eye on that one but I think I’m holding out for a Dark Voice. The TA-20 is technically a hybrid, isn’t it?

Yeah, hybrid

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hybrids are not that bad. I have not heard the ta-20, but a lot of people say it sounds pretty close to the darkvoice out the gate. and an advantage of hybrids, you can add a tube preamp(40$ on amazon) and pretty much get the full tuby sound. They have flexibility as an advantage.


Can I put a want ad on here?

WANTED: fischer fa-011ae


Selling my DT770 250 ohm. Pretty much new. Bought them a couple months ago and they have only seen light use. I really like them, I just upgraded so these are not going to see much use.


Ain’t fallin for that again smh…
Free ain’t free!

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Anyone else think it’s dumb how Head-Fi doesn’t have basic filters for currency and shipping location for their classifieds? Luckily a user from SBAF created a website that solves that problem:

It seems to work just as you’d expect.


@Antpage2 u coulda got deeeez. U got good deal tho