Buy/Sell and Looking for Thread

That’s quite the endorsement! I saw @hawaiibadboy commented on his YouTube video that he would rank the serial number #1 in S tier if he did his tier video again

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If I didn’t have other things I needed to take care of (and my boss could stop screwing me out of hours)…


Item/pics Price Comments
Soli P $3800 This is in transit back to me after a demo with a friend. If interested I will message for payment when it arrives and I can get buyer brand new pics
Rognir Dynamic $1300 scuff on right cup is only sign of wear
Yggy A2 $1750 Gen 5 USB
Amps & Sound Forge 32/300 $2100 will take $1800 local pickup in SoCal. Stock tubes and comes with flight case
Phantasy II $750 This is a phantasy I model upgraded to Phantasy II internals. Only difference between this and a true Phantasy II is the 1/4 output instead of the 4.4 (thats wired for a SE signal)
HD580 Precision BS $500 Comes with stock cable and new pads. No original packaging
T50 Argon Bal $350 Comes with multiple cables, both stock and peripat. No original packaging

Discounts for local pickup in socal. All original packaging unless otherwise stated.

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[WTS] [US-TX] [H] smsl da-8s, Singxer sa-1, Meze 99 noir w/dekoni pads, Meze silver balanced 2.5mm to 3.5mm monos cable, Focal Elegia w/ dekoni pads, Harmonicdyne Zeus, Sony wh-1000xm3 [W] PayPal

WTS all sorts of stuff :

All come with original boxes and goodies.

smsl da-8s $100 - great desktop speaker amp. Great condition. Maybe 30 hours of use.

Singxer sa-1 - $420 (nice) - I’ve had this for a year I think. Original owner. Bought from apos. Great condition

Focal elegia w/ dekoni pads - $360 - Excellent condition. I had a problem with a particular pair of glasses that made these hard for long listening. I love the sound, especially with the dekoni pads.

Meze Noir 99 w/ Dekoni pads - $174 - great condition. I upped into the th-x00 purpleheart with a little bit of Lawton tuning and have had to retire these.

Meze silver balanced 2.5mm to 3.5mm monos cable - $115 - great cable. I’ve gone the hart audio route so duplicative at this point.

Combine the two mezes for $272.

Harmonicdyne Zeus - $289 - excellent condition. Really great sound stage. I’ve been going back and forth on these and the poseidons and am set with the poseidons for details at the slight sacrifice to some sound stage fun.

Sony wh-1000xm3 w dekoni pads - $150 - good condition. Great sound with the pads. Was my daily driver for almost 2 years. I have not touched them in the last two years though so they can be in a better home.

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Reduced the prices on the remainder of the items on my sale

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prefer to sell but willing to hear trade offers too

edit: Zen Can is spoken for so the 4.4 interconnect is standalone now also adding a TFZ Live 3 to the list


You don’t mention this in your post but I assume this is the Olina you are talking about?

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Thanks, I deleted that one.

I’m sold on the 250 filters both added to the nozzle and the front port but I just don’t use the Olina with my EE Spartan and Moondrop S8s on hand. I don’t see a classified section so if anyone wants a pair of Olina with an hour or 2 actual ear time with another 100 or so breakin on a desk, PM me. This is a clean pair with nice caps. I’ll include some spare filters to stack plus all the original replacements and accessories etc. Like new except I had to split the wrap paper to open them. Box just refused to push out either end. :roll_eyes: Actual box is fine.

$80 shipped. Fees on me.

Bump. Price drop to $450

Yanyin Aladdin for sale. Purchased in January 2022 for £200, selling for £140 including postage and packaging. In excellent condition with box and all its accessories. Many thanks for your consideration

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Good afternoon all. Spent a great deal of more time listening and deciding to purge even further. I’ve found my current musical zen with the Xenns Up, Xenns Tea 2, Audio Hekili and Penon Serial.

Some of these are still left from my last sale post and two additions. My loss is your gain on the prices. Prices are the lowest I can go and my loss is your gain. I’d rather my loss go to this community who has been extremely kind and helpful to me. We can consider it a friends discount. All original accessories included and in great condition. Can post photos if you’d like later today or tomorrow. Shipping to United States and postage included payment is via PayPal G&S. All purchased new by me except the Norn.

  1. Thor Mjolnir mk2 - $275 Sold
  2. Kinera Norn - $150 Sold
  3. Yanyin Canon - $250 Sold
  4. Yanyin Aladdin - $125
  5. Raptgo Hook-X - $190 Sold
    6.Kinera Urd - $475 Keeping for Now

Please someone buy that canon! It’s too tempting at that price!!


I’ll give it to ya for $250 to tempt you more


You really know how to tighten the screws. I gotta wait until the 22nd before I can make any purchases so if it’s still available then I’ll def grab them


Anyone looking to sell a dongle with 4.4 or 2.5 mm BAL in UK/EU/USA? If so, hit me up! thanks

adding my UM Mest MK2 to my list
it’s amazing but I have a hard time using it for more than a hour so I’ve hardly used it in the 4 weeks I’ve had it
mint condition and has all original packaging/accessories, was bought new from Musicteck

Man, that is a shame. Is it due to the shell size?

I didn’t think the shell was a problem since its not heavy but it doesn’t sound offensive either… but after 45ish mins of listening I start feeling the ear fatigue and have to stop

Ear anatomy, man, our worst enemy. My ears are that of an 80 year old man both in size and hearing quality so I’m lucky with the larger sets. Searching up larger shell sets on Headfi Classifieds is a fascinating thing. Seeing sooo many being sold less than a week after the initial purchase because of fit issues. Breaks my heart, every time


Selling HD 660S w/ Dekoni Velour pads for $350 $300 PRICE DROP - HD 660S - Album on Imgur
Selling AKG K361 w/ microphone cable to $50 - AKG K361 - Album on Imgur SOLD!

Prices include shipping to CONUS.

More info: