Buying headphones used

I was thinking of buying the Hifiman Arya used. They seem to go for as cheap as 1200$. list price is 1600$ and thats what most sites sell it for. Thing is its so expensive. I wonder if its a good idea to buy a headphone this expensive used. What if it breaks? i have no warranty do i? Theres a guy on ebay selling it used with a warranty card. But i cant use that can i? Wont they require the site i bought it from?

I personally buy headphones used all the time, but there are risks, but personally the cost savings outweigh the risk for me at least. Hifiman didn’t check for my warranty card when I got a new headband for the he560v1, but I can’t guarantee anything obviously

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I currently have three used headphones and one was fairly expensive (Beyer T5p.2’s) and two used amps. I find the savings worth it. And I haven’t had any problems at all.
I hope I didn’t just jinx myself. :grimacing:

You better hurry up and make up your mind Ant…I’ve got an itchy trigger finger today and a new set of planars’ is exactly what i’ve been thinking about :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


lol, dont think i’ll be buying anything today. you wont go far wrong with the Arya. its Joshua Valors favorite headphone right now. he liked then ever over the LCDX


if the seller has the warranty card did you ask them if they still have the original receipt in the form of an email or something? if they haven’t registered the headphone under his/her name there’s still a chance you could register the warranty under your name assuming there’s still warranty left on the headphones.

I know you already got the Arya’s. Don’t know if you’ve seen this. Seems like a viable way to “try out” headphones or other gear for that matter.

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