Cables!? Might do a review

Thinking of doing a cable review, just on some of the current stock and upgrade cables I have at the moment…

Which cables are we talking about? and at what price range?

Mostly TRN, Tripowin, Okcsc, that’s the upgrade cables, not stock and between $15 and $20-$25 roughly price range. Just what I have bought.

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Sounds reasonable! Here are some other threads on the topic for reference.

I have personally not noticed any change in audio quality with various cables… (so long as the one you use is properly rated for whatever power you are pushing through it.)

But I have found that a high quality cable for headphones can make the listening experience much better with headphones simply because of the altered weight and flexibility characteristics involved.

My personal preference is for a lightweight and very flexible cable so it doesn’t pull your head downward from the weight and makes it easy to move your head around. Viking weave cables are good for that. They also tend to not get stuck in bent or kinked positions, because the weave seems to help them resist permanent bending a bit better.

I have also noticed the cables used by V-Moda are very good, but they are only designed for their own V-Moda branded headphones. Not the coiled cable, that one is bad. Their regular cable they ship with their headphones. This one.

I’ve used Tripowin, XINHS & Tiandirenhe. If you do decide to post some reviews, it will be interesting to see how TRN, Okcsc stacks up.

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