Call for some active moderators

As the regular visitors of this forum know, we have 7 moderators of wich only 1 is not inactive.

This community is a very pleasent one, always civil and focused on giving everyone a good experience.
Despite that, some of the house keeping tasks of this forum are not taken care of (moving topics to the correct category, moving off-topic discussions out of threads and cleaning up outdated info in deals-threads, etc.)

I would like to see a handful more (active) moderators.


Lol right now we have 0 active mods. Hopefully M0N is just on vacation and hasn’t decided to quit


I agree, there is a need for more moderators. Even when M0N was here, it was a lot for him to do on his own. A little more help would go a long way.


I have a vague recollection he told us he was going to be getting busy. He didn’t say for how long, IIRC.

To the OP’s point, I agree some additional moderators could be of use. IMO there has been an uptick in contentiousness on here since @M0N [hopefully] took a break, of which I am not a fan. His knowledge, willingness to help, and speed of reply had a side effect of creating some stability and calm, I think. Having knowledgeable mods is a definite bonus.


Just my unimportant 3 cents… I really think we need something to help better organize posts. Maybe something quick and easy for newbies to help them post in the correct category? Many times people post asking a question that either has been answered or at least discussed in a different category. Also teaching people about the ignore feature might cut down on the argumentative behavior of some… Also I would think that we could be a little more mature in the way responses are handled. As in if you cannot answer in a positive way then simply do NOT answer. We all have enough people telling us what we can and cannot do… We as adults should be able to SELF MODERATE!!

Just my opinion with a value of 3 cents.


Forums are a lot of work. It takes a community, and yeah you need not both active moderators but more than one of them.

People’s lives and schedules change so you can’t lump it on one volunteer to do it all.

The trollishness is also amped up of late, making it unpleasant I ignore more of that shit but you don’t want threads going sideways or just worse half a dozen needless posts in the way of the rest of the content.


He is indeed, i’ve been speaking with him over the last couple of weeks and he had or thought he had made contingency plans Mod wise while he was otherwise occupied, but it seems Admin thinks otherwise?

So true he’s received 13.1k likes and spent 54 days reading posts, that’s above and beyond the call of duty for any Mod that doesn’t have a vested interest in the site :man_shrugging:


So true. I looked at his profile a couple times recently and on both occasions his “last seen” was a matter of minutes. He hasn’t left. I wish him the best on whatever he’s doing and hope to see him back here soon.


You’re the only one I’ve ever seen use this expression. I thought it was “just my 2 cents.” I see your 3 cents and it makes me think “is that a 2 cent opinion adjusted for inflation?” And then I SMH in shame that I come up with such lame jokes and inflict them upon the world :smile:


Actually… Everyone likes to use the old " just my 2 cents" adage… I do try to be different and mine is worth a whole cent more !! LOL!


Or is it the result of your two cents and a penny for your thoughts? :thinking:

[OK @WaveTheory, stop hijacking a thread about needing more moderators for your silly word games!]

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Well that was the case a few weeks ago lol

Yes that does need to be done. A note for all regulars, you can move topics to different categories if you think they aren’t in the right place. Other stuff though is only able to be done by a mod

I agree

So I’ve been extremely busy this month and have only looked at the forum to see if there are any flags, I haven’t really been reading threads so I am very out of the loop

I didn’t do that much tbh, all I really did was make official threads and unblock new users and bump them up so they wouldn’t hit the post wall, also handle the occasional flag. But it seems that stuff has been happening more when I’m not here lol

I also don’t know how long, most likely a few more months. If you send me a pm I can be reached, and if you flag something I will see it but I’ve actively stopped reading the actual threads since I don’t really have time

We have a really great community, I would agree that most here should really try to keep it that way and be reasonable and responsible lol

If there is stuff that has gotten bad and needs to move or be addressed, pm me since I most likely haven’t seen it

Damn you lol, but really I’ve just been keeping the page open in the background for dms or flags

I have been trying to get new mods (right when I stopped posting on the 4th so far ahead of this) but there have been unexpected slowdowns out of my control (in the process of getting mods). I won’t be posting again for a few more months, and I would like to apologise for any inconveniences I may have caused. If you need anything my PM’s are going to be open, but I won’t be replying to threads publicly anymore for some time


Thanks for letting us know you’re OK, @M0N. We’ll try to minimize the increase in entropy until your return. Best to you!


Holy crap. I didn’t realize I can change categories and titles of threads I didn’t create. I feel powerful lol. Now if only I could edit my own post from last month…

I tried to get them to change that but it never happened, oh well

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Yeah I figured that must have happened. Thanks for trying though

Just glad all is well… Appreciate all you do in this community… You have been a major influence in my exploration! Thanks again and don’t work too hard!!

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Oh hell, I was wondering where you went lol. Normally I see you post everywhere. Glad to see your doing alright and just busy.

As for the post, I can agree it does seem weird that the only active moderator appears to be M0N. A couple more mods would be nice to have

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