Campfire Atlas Driver Flex

Any of you guys own a set?..if so have you suffered from driver flex? :beers:

what is driver flex?

The driver flexing when you put a set into your ears/removing or when listening…when a DD doesn’t have enough venting so it bends and causes a clipping sound due to pressure.

I’ve been listening to my iems a lot more recently and I just had these in yesterday. The issue mainly happens when you first insert them. Do it too fast, and the air pressure locks the driver in place and no sound comes out. But once you get used to it it’s really not too bad of a tradeoff because they sound really good. I have to reseat them more often when I wear the cable down, resulting in possibly more frequent driver flex. If you don’t mind wearing the cable over ear it should stay in place a bit better

Cheers buddy as I heard a friends set a couple of years, was just reminded a few days ago on another thread…that bass was insane and i’d like a ‘Fostex Purpleheart’ kinda bass hit iem…can get a mint used set for < £599 at the mo…Yes or No?

It is definitely a bit of a contrast to the Andromedas, but I’m not sure if I’d really need both. I had both for a little bit, but it was only because I knew I was selling the Andromedas. I’m a fan of dynamic driver iems, even though I still haven’t found a perfect one. I know some complain about a couple of treble spikes on the Atlas, but I’m not particularly sensitive to it. The reason most people would reach for them is the bass slam, which is pretty impressive, but not necessarily your preference if I recall

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Indeed…I absolutely love my Andro’s which unless I hear better is my go to serious listening set no question…but i’d like to have a crazy boom, boom pair without spending Legend X money…I’d like to have a quiver of good sets as apposed to just one :man_shrugging:
PS I listen to all my sets regularly too…guess I love music and IEM’s way too much lol.

In that case, then I think you’ll be happy. It’s not just booming bass. I like the treble quite a bit, although it’s not quite on par with the Andromedas and suffers from the normal single DD issues. I’d like to listen to the Legend X again. They were really fun when I heard them, but I don’t know if I’d want to listen to them all the time. I guess the same can be said for every headphone/iem though

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Damn ain’t that the truth :grimacing: lol

Not sure how hard they are to find nowadays, but I remember enjoying the Campfire Audio Vega a lot, even over the Atlas for me. At the time, it was a hard decision choosing between the Vega and Andromeda

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