🔶 Campfire Audio Andromeda

This is the official thread for the Campfire Audio Andromeda. This thread is for discussion and reviews.


Here’s my review of the Andromeda:

(Go buy it now.)


Bae… that’s it


Andromeda’s are mine and the Comets, the other two were preview units.


I just received my Solaris and have had my Vega for over 2 years. Would love to hear your comparison between the Solaris and Andromeda.

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Solaris I think has a wider stage, holographic 3D sound, extremely good speed, and an amazing sound.

Andromeda’s have their amazing “sparkle” and generally awesome sound.

Solaris beat the Andromeda’s for sound, but my ears didn’t like them and I couldn’t keep them in for more than an hour at a time. This was do to physical reasons I have sensitive ear canals and ears.

If it wasn’t for the physical pain I would have bought them…I even tried to acclimate to them by only using them everyday for a couple weeks…my ears were not happy with me…but at the same time I was addicted to the sound they produced.

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That’s too bad. I freaked out at first when i used them with the foam tips and the fit was miserable but found that the spiral dot M and tilting them slightly forward worked for me.

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yeah, I tried a multitude of tips…but I prefer the Spiral Dots from Japan, and even those can get irritating after an hour or so. But yeah…outside of the gym… and the occasional walk around the city for coffee… I rarely wear IEMs

I didn’t like them as much when I heard them, to me andromeda actually images better and is more accurate. Solaris is softer and has a betters bass extension but also felt to me the bass was getting overwhelming at times (not atlas style…) It also lacked the magical andromeda sparkle and was super uncomfortable and ugly imo. I’d like to have it for like a week to get used to them and evaluate it better but for me the thing that justifies andromeda being the price it is is it’s treble, and Solaris just didn’t feel special in any particular way.


I concur with the special sparkle of the Andromeda…it did take me a bit of back and forth to really appreciate the Solaris, the “special” thing it does is the 3d holographic soundstage.

I do love me some Andromeda sparkle! :grin:

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How much higer is the treble on the Andromeda? My problem is that I am treble sensitive. I do love me some sparkle but when the treble gets a little too much it starts to feel like knives jabbing me in the ear drums.

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I can be sensitive to treble spikes, but haven’t had any issue with he Andromeda’s. But YMMV…the sparkle is less about brightness and more emphasis, if that makes sense…

At least in how I perceive it! Had to caveat that lol

We are all snowflakes after all (I.e. all unique)

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So far I’ve not met many people who complained about andromeda being too bright, that’s all I can say from my perspective, It’s the tuning of them is just :ok_hand:


Maybe i’ll end up getting the Andromeda in the future to have the Campfire Trifecta.

i’m currently using isine10s looking to either upgrade to these or isine20s, does anyone know if the increase in quality is very noticeable?

I feel Andromeda will give you more. For one, iSines need the cipher cable to sound good imo, two you can get some isolation with andromeda, three it’s most likely gonna be more comfortable too. (IMO it sound better than isine 20 even with cipher cable)

thanks =) will order one

Let us know how you like them. I think a few people ordered those after hearing the talk about them in the patreon chat and no one was disappointed so far :slight_smile:

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I’ve never listened to them, how do you think they compare to the Fearless Audio S8F? Chi-fi can be made cheaply, the problem with Campfire Audio is that, because they are American made, the production costs are much higher. Are they worth $1000? Or does the production cost make them not worth the money.

I’ve not heard the S8F personally so I can’t say whether it is actually good or not. I want to try to get a pair to try but that may not happen for a bit.
Is Andromeda worth 1000$? To me it is, it’s still my favourite tuned IEM, it has amazing build quality, really nice cable, nice case…

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