Campfire shootout

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I’m a big fan of his reviews. Technical, but not overly so. I swore iems weren’t for me until I got a chance to use, then buy, the Andromedas from a friend. He upgraded to the Solaris, and they are so much larger than the Andromedas that I just can’t find them comfortable. Comfort has been my biggest issue with most iems, and the Andromedas just fit my ears perfectly. I imagine the Polaris and Ios would as well since it’s the same mold. I’m glad he mentioned that silicone is better than foam for these. I always used foam tips, probably because I heard and read so many people saying they were just better in every way. I agreed, until I went back to silicone on the Andromedas. If you get a chance to try them and don’t see what the big deal is, make sure you try them with silicone tips because it completely changed the sound for me.

I was considering the Solaris but ended up deciding against it because of the size and how showy they were lol

I have a pair of true wireless earbuds that aren’t very good, and that’s the way the Solaris fit me. They are more out of my ear than in where the Andromedas are more or less flush with my outer ear. They sound good though. And yes, the colors are not my favorite either

I would love to hear the Io as I’m ok with a different FR as long as it sounds good to me. I’m not as picky as some and I REALLY like its looks and the fact its American etc. I feel bad only owning Chi-fi iems lol

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Definitely try before you buy. I have owned six different Campfire IEMs, and the IO is the only one that I have ever straight-up returned. I know that sound is subjective to a degree, but the IO is just BAD.

Yea I appreciate it, is it really metallic sounding as that I’ve found to be a deal breaker for me? I really disliked a BGVP SGZ-DN1S, my guess is it was their BA as it was so shrill and metallic, so yea learn something new every day lol

Not metallic IMO, so much as plastic-y and hollow. I’m not a real technical guy when it comes to describing oddities in FR, but it’s one of the only times I have heard a headphone or speaker sound “off” as a whole. Not in a sense that I was nitpicking or the signature wasn’t to my taste, rather that after about three songs I was saying ‘that’s fucked up’. They’re comfy and gorgeous, but yeesh. I’ll be honest; before I saw measurements, I thought that my units might have been damaged or improperly-assembled. Measurements confirmed that they’re just ‘a swing and a miss’.

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Ive been trying to be good but today is the closest I’ve gotten to breaking down on the Polaris 2. What are you leaning towards!?

A cool CF collection :+1:

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Wasn’t really sure where to post it, but new Campfire iems up for preorder now. New smaller profile Solaris, 2020 revision of the Andromeda (not sure what’s changed), and this new Ara:


Ara Ara~ ‎


I guess it fits with the other CF names as it’s one of the Greek constellations, Ara is located near the constellation of Scorpius apparently.

Ooooo :eyes:

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That seems pretty sweet, might end up picking one up now lol


yeah the smaller fit on the Solaris is a major selling point to me

Plus I personally didn’t like the abalone finish of the se and the gold was a bit meh.

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totally agree. I have some cheap TWS iems from Drop and the Solaris stuck out of my ears the same way. They sounded great, but it was an awkward fit

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The fit alone kills my love of the Solaris. I wonder if they’ll have a trade-in/trade-up program for those of us that have been suffering with the fit issues? :stuck_out_tongue: