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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes

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These are in my radar for this years iem purchase, really hope I can get a listen at this years UK Canjam :+1:

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They are pretty nice, a bit big for my ears but a very solid offering from campfire, def prefer these over the andros


TBH the Voyager 14 is also in the mix as is the Dunu Luna, anything else I’m interested in is too much :pound::pleading_face: …we’ll see lol.

I would highly suggest checking out the final a8000, almost left the show with one lol, I do prefer it over the Luna and campfire stuff

Will do :+1: but what stooped you?

Buying a SPearphone SB-7 off of someone there lol, I would say it’s a higher tier iem anyway lol

You’ll restart the cold war if you’re not careful :wink:

It sure does commit war crimes against your ears with it’s fit and comfort lol

Check out the Atlas if you get a chance too


I’ve got this, Atlas, Vega, and Dorado on my watch list. Also, have Xelento, Hyla CE5 and TE5, Unique Melody Mavis, JH Audio Lola, and older TOTL’s on my list as well. I’m just looking to buy one big thing before summer.

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Will defo :+1:

I seem to be the only person who has experienced this, but I found them unusable for day-to-day purposes. The bass port on these is placed in such a fashion that walking outdoors resulted in any small wind entering the little port and swirling around to mix with the music. ,are it very difficult to listen to (along with the fit issues, but that’s a possibility with any IEM)
They sound great but I had to let them go. As I say though, I don’t know of anyone else who experienced this.

That can happen, I’ve had that happen with other iems

Yep, I actually went too far the other way and opted for all-BA just to avoid it, but I have a couple of hybrid-driver IEMs now and they’re not suffering from the same issue. Maybe placement and fit combined for me was just the wrong angle. As I say though, good sound :+1:

Was this on the Atlas? For my first week with them, I had to be overly cautious when inserting them to avoid driver flex. After about a week, it seems to have gone away and I’ve seen other people report the same.

No, the Solaris. Sorry, didn’t mention it ‘cos it’s the Solaris thread, I just came plowing in with my opinion :rofl:

Never heard the Atlas before

No, that’s why I asked. I assumed it was the Solaris, but I hadn’t heard anyone else mention that issue before. I did see it first-hand with the Atlas, and saw a few others posting similar issues. Driver flex is a weird sensation. You know the iem is deep in your ear, and you have ample volume, but the sound comes out muffled if at all. I can easily see someone picking up the Atlas, quickly jamming them in their ears, and thinking they were terrible if they didn’t know better

Ah cool. I wonder if it’s certain IEMs with certain ear types - just the wrong combo for certain people.

Never experienced driver flex though, well not that I’m aware of. I looked it up to find out and despite two or three different descriptions I’m still not entirely sure what it actually is or what it sounds/feels like (I can’t even figure out if it’s something you should hear or feel haha)

It mainly happens with iems that aren’t able to relive pressure buildup made from a good seal or don’t have proper venting, so you most likely wouldn’t have experienced it with the solaris. The atlas has a larger dynamic driver with somewhat inadequate venting imo that leads to the driver getting restricted or misaligned depending on the seal. Think of something similar to either electrostatics or thin diaphragm planars having driver flex or crinkle when a seal is made on your head and you push on the sides