Can someone explain to me why boomerphiles love jazz so much?

I’ve been watching a lot of stereophile videos lately and one thing I’ve noticed is all of these guys with $50,000 2ch systems love to listen to jazz music. I personally find jazz to be horribly boring and antiquated, yet it seems like that’s all they listen to, they don’t even play popular music from their time like, Led Zeppelin, or the grateful Dead. And I know if I walk into RMAF in to the Wilson audio room and asked them to put on a deadmau5 track for instance it would be horribly offensive to them. This is probably more me just ranting about boomers because I’m a millennial and that’s what we do.


Jazz can be great often recorded really well , pressed on a vynil, can show off most of what a driver can do, as well as not popular that’s like a audiophile quartet. I agree it’s mostly boring but I guess it’s the music they and their audiophile friends enjoy. And most people he really try to confirm to what their peers do. I don’t quite judge because I listen to hip hop on my gear which is objectively and for most older audiophiles basically a sin apparently


Its just something I’ve noticed from going into high end shops, I don’t dare ask them to play something I’d actually sit and enjoy listening to. “Please play that obscure jazz artist from New York who died in 1981 that I’ve never hear of, thank you very much!”

knowing me I would probably end up entroducing them to jazz rap and end up being kicked out because I clocked on my jazz hop playlist and not the actual jazz playlist

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First of all, i absolutely love the term Boomerphile :joy:! Never heard it before and now I want that as my nick-name, LOL. Anyway, once you start spending money on equipment and start looking for music that can really push the gear to get the most out of it you just about get forced to vary your music selection and start looking for things to pick apart the instruments and such. I grew up a car stereo basshead fanatic and years past would never be caught dead listening to certain genres of music, and nowadays find myself seeking out all sorts of blues, jazz, Latin jazz, (gasp) classical, orchestral, organ, much foreign stuff that i don’t even have a clue what they are saying etc. simply to hear music that has real instruments in it that i can push thru my gear. Damn, next thing you know I actually find myself liking allot of this stuff. Many of my choices drive my 20 year younger girlfriend nuts which then simply allows me to test a different headphone for a while! Win win as far as I’m concerned​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Heehee!
Anyway, yes please find patience to put up with us for you too may someday be the older distinguished grey hair behind the volume knob demonstrating to the young budding audiophile what your silly tube amp and funny looking speakers with no subwoofer can do… :muscle:

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@RiceGuru, so as soon as i tried out the injury and reserve boys i knew i had to swap out speakers and amplifier class. I went from listening to Latin Jazz on 3 way towers w/12’s playing on a tube amp to class D mono-blocks pushing 2way quad 8’s and then i added a pair of 12”subs to properly shake up the room and better handle/represent the low end. Quickly skipping thru tracks and albums I found a few songs I wanted to linger on but none in particular hit my sweet spot. The more important thing tho is that this genre absolutely required a different amplifier class and style of speakers to sound good on the gear I have available to use. I take every opportunity i can during my travels to hunt down high end audio shops and listen to gear, some of which i can afford, most of which tho that is well past my salary range and ability to even save for. What i have learned is that I don’t enjoy listening to some genres of music on some types of gear and that a bit of diversity in your kit will go a long way in allowing you to have a diversified music list. YMMV, thanks for introducing me to a group I had not heard of before.

I like the newer injury reserve self titled which is pretty nice

lol I kinda do the same thing on a much smaller cheaper scale when switching genres. I switch between headphones when listening to different types of music. Im not on the level of multiple amps yet though

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Also a fair amount of people start to use music to listen to their system instead of their system to listen to their music, and jazz is great to showcase a system over actual music. Not saying jazz is bad or anything, just that with higher end stuff you start to care more about what quality of music you listen to


floss is my favorite alhbum by them but their new album Slaps

I’ve tried liking jazz specifically because there are some VERY high quality recordings and I want to see what my system is capable of. But alas, it’s not for me :man_shrugging:

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And I also can agree with the different gear for different genre lol. I think thats a great idea, I’ll have to try that sometime

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Immostly pretty open minded. but the reason I never really call myself an audiophile is because I dont fit into my presonal criterium of an audiophile I know what I enjoy and I enjoy it regardless if it is regarded by people to be bad or good. that goes for music and gear. I am slowly but surely expanding my collection of gear I just got my first personal pair of planars, and will be looking at tube amps next as I have been eyeing a few recently. but audiophelia is a rabbit hole I should have not entered. becuase I have gone through 4 different holes aat this point that all poit to the same route : an empty wallet


Either that or you take on a bunch of work (sometimes more then you can handle) to fuel your addiction lol

already work like 48-60hours a week with no debt , and no rent yet somehow find myself in this position somehow with no time to enjoy shit I buy

I just enjoy gear vicaroiusly at this point by reading people’s impressions and reviews on gear on this forum and other forums for other hobbies


Well the no debt part is great, as you don’t want to build up debt. I really didn’t make much until I had worked where I do for about 6 years and then really started making enough to get some nice stuff

tue i am rather fresh in my position as i have only graduated college last year so I don’t make that much money.

Right now I am about 11-12 years in at the same place, and then also doing the commercial audio mastering and law consulting on the side. I have no time really, as I work easily 60hrs a week and most of the weekend, but I get to listen to music all the time at work and for the other stuff, so I still get to use all my stuff for the most part

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Ha! I have slowly started to infiltrate audio gear into my “office”. It’s not easy for me because I’m on the road allot, but i split my time between a cubicle farm and a warehouse style facility when I’m home and I am slowly deciding what gear i don’t “need” at home and trying to figure out what i can get away w/ at the 2 facilities…hahaha!