Can’t decide what I want next, Sendy Aiva, LCD-X or LCD-2C

Before someone tells me that these are all different price points, let me share that I’ve not only found diminishing returns in higher prices, but that I sometimes prefer cheaper headphones over more expensive ones… for example, I prefer listening to my TR-X00 over my Ether CXs. Currently this is what I have, ranked by preference (all running through THX789):

  1. Dan Clark Aeon 2 closed
  2. Hifiman Ananda
  3. Fostex TR-X00
  4. Meze Noir 99
  5. Mr Speakers Ether Cx

So… I’m looking for something to complement my setup. I’ll eventually sell a couple of my current headphones, but want to wait a bit after my next purchase before making a decision. As I look at my gear I realize I’m not immune to hype trains, so there’s a risk in asking, but what the hell… what should I buy next?

I was thinking the 2C because it contrasts the very detailed headphones I already have. By all accounts it’s a very “pleasing” and “warm” headphone, which sounds attractive.

The X sounded cool cause it brings low end without sacrificing clarity, from what I hear. In my mind, it’s a less aggressive foster… I enjoy clarity in a headphone, but maybe think it’s time to find something contrasting to what I have?

The Sendy is very much a function of me canceling my Drop order out of impulse. I wonder if it would add anything to my listening experience considering what I already have… I’ve read it can be a little redundant with the Ananda.

I’m also open to other ideas. Ultimately I want to either find a great, easy listening alternative to what I have, or the “next best thing” for my collection. I wouldn’t want to go above $1100, but could probably stretch by selling a couple of the later items on the list. Also, I have Xmas certificates totaling $275 on amazon, so I’d prefer to buy there if possible.

Also, if what I like isn’t apparent, I’ve liked V-shaped things, U-shaped things, flatter things like B&O H7s… these things have never really had much meaning for me. I listen to pretty much all genres except for hip hop. I like clarity, I like bass. I’m not a stickler for soundstage, nor dynamic.

I personally think the lcd2 classic would be the most different thing for that setup compared to what you already own imo


have you thought of a ZMF headphone? the Aeolus sounds pretty good

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oh wow, didn’t know them… they look super interesting!

The Aeolus made a big splash this year. I think Zeos even said it was headphone of the year

I would say a zmf headphone would be great, but you will most likely have to order direct to get one


They are definitely well reviewed! but yeah, 4-8 weeks wait time.

That said, metal571 said a very interesting thing; “they actually sound like what people think the LCD-2C sound”

Im curious, did you end up getting a pair? I’m thinking between lcd-x, 2C and sendy aiva myself. I already have HD650, Tr-x00 PH and running them through NFB-11. 28.

Your situation seems similar, so im interested in hearing how things panned out for you!

Hmmmm, the lcd x is higher tier than the other options you mentioned, but it really depends on what you were looking for tbh

Thats the thing… There isn’t a way to actually listen to any of these, so I’m just trying to figure that out myself by reading reviews. Honestly, I think I’m just curious about how a (good) planar would sound.

I like bass, a lot. I like mids, alot. Highs, well, haven’t heard spectacular highs in a while so I guess you can’t miss something you never had.
Mostly listen to rock, metal, rap, jazz, Phantogram (can’t name what genre they represent).

I have listened to HD650 vs HD800S, and you can sense a big difference, right? Really not in the same ballpark in some areas. I guess I just wonder, if “upgrading” from a tr-x00 PH to a LCD-X is going to make me want to discard all the other headphones I have. To put it in other words, I’m looking for and all-rounder endgame.

Hmmmm, so you are looking for a more bass to mid-range all rounder. What do you like about your fostex, and what would you want to change?


So the LCD-X are a very resolving (good highs, with detail) headphone. They have that planar bass, though it’s not elevated, but accurate and it can hit very low.

The major area that I think it’s lacking is in the mid range. It’s slightly recessed. I listen to mine straight, but ideally one would eq them to get a pretty damned perfectly ‘neutral’ headphone (based on Harman curve).

Metal571 has some great eq settings for the LCD-X, though keep in mind every pair is slightly different.


I like how metal and rock sounds with them, especially with good recordings. They hit, slam, shred so well I enjoy those kind of genres with Great pleasure. Something I couldnt do with either of the HD’s

I would like them to be a lot more comfortable though. I do have perforated zmf sheepskin pad’s on them, and the cups themselves are H U G E. Love, makes them feel airy. But the headband is kind of meh and the clampforce is weak. If I mosh they would fly to the wall. The weight is fine, and honestly I can wear them for hours, but the HD650 is way better in this regard.

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Thank you for this. Didn’t know about that EQ part, makes me Lean toward these even more!

Now I only wish I could test these, the Lcd-x is my leasing option at this point. Its just so much money to be buying blind.

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No problem.

It’s pricey, but you get a lot of headphone for $1200 creator package.

Crutchfield carries them and they offer payments as well.


I went on such a tangent… I ended up getting some closed back verite’s, by ZMF. I first bought some LCD-4, but they were extremely heavy, and I didn’t hear any more resolve or detail in them than in my focal Elex’s… so I returned them. I ended up picking up a pair of Aeolus’ as well, but haven’t listened to them. They only delivered last week (after 7ish weeks) and I was on my honeymoon.

If you’re still looking next week I can give you a better update, I haven’t been home in the last two months haha.


I havent heard any negative feedback at all on the Verite Closed. They appear to be highly praised. Congrats on your purchase. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh Nice, congratulations! Hope you had a wonderful time, which I am sure you will have with the Verité’. Thats something I haven’ t really looked at… Hmm…

I think I won’t be ready to pull any triggers for atleast a month, so take your time, enjoy the married life and try to enjoy your new gear while you are at it! :slight_smile:


IMO, I think you might really enjoy the auteur since it uses a biodyna as well so you maintain that slam and great midrange timbre, but also gain more detail, refinement, and also more soundstage too.

The lcd x is pretty good, but does have some recession in the midrange as @ValentineLuke pointed out, and imo might actually not slam as much as the fostex do. The lcd x is also more intimate than you think compared to the rest of the audeze range

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It’s a different beast than the rest of the Audeze lineup. Many are surprised when they first hear them if they’re familiar with other Audeze’s. More intimate, and ‘brighter’ as well.

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