Can we get a Verum 1 Headphone Official thread?

Title. Are a nice pair of headphones that zeos even loved!

I second this.
there all i listen to since i got mine

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New video: Oluv, from Oluv’s Gadgets, loves em. :slight_smile:
You can hear the enormous difference changing pads can do, too. Weird to say, but they’re really “versatile” headphones, apparently!

Zeos’s review.

He says they’re not neutral, but on Olav’s sound tests, the thin pads (now included – Zeos didn’t have them?) sound quite neutral (and the graph confirms it).

Stock Superlux pads, ew. There’s no way those would be comfortable long-term, I don’t care how good they sound.

Yeah, there’s a certain point where you just have to prioritize comfort over sound, especially at this price. I don’t know if that would be a viable pad choice, unless you can’t feel your head somehow

Plus it seems to me it makes them obviously too bright, when comparing against his original track. I’d bet the perforated lambskins from Verum or some other perforated option is where these get closest to perfection. Something that maximizes soundstage via FR correction without losing too much of it by getting the driver too close to the ear.

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Agreed, the demo sounded too bright for me too with the Superlux pads. A tiny but loud peak somewhere in the treble range.

Oh god, I just realized why these always looked so familiar: that cup profile is an upside down Vodafone logo! :smiley:

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News pads he is releasing. Anyone here try them yet? I may get for comfort reasons…