Can we have a budget dap tier list please?

Just like DMS made in his video for headphones. That would be great! :smiley:

I mean we don’t really do tier lists on this forum, but I’m sure I can help you out.

What budget are you looking at?
Would you consider buying used?
What would you need to power?
Do you need streaming?
Do you use Balanced?



xD I just thought it would be fun to know!

Okay so I’ll consider your approach since you were so specific in your response!

Budget under $300
Not Used (but if it’s a phone yes)
I don’t need streaming but I’d be okay with having it
No not using balanced

I’d be using it on the go, so small is great, easy to carry around.

Okay nice, well there are some pretty decent options out there at that price point. Of course the LG V20/30 would fit, both with streaming and a decent DAC implementation.

You then have the HiBy r3 pro, it has balanced, a better dual dac compared to the quad in the LG phones, but lacks the full android OS and you can’t stream apart from Qobuz or Tidal, both without offline downloads.

The Sony NW-A55 is a solid option, but can only sample up to 24-bit, 192kHz, whereas the HiBy can do DSD natively and the LG phones can do it with an app I believe.

There are other options like the Fiio M6 or the Shanling M2x but I am yet to hear those so I won’t be useful.

My recommendation would be the HiBy r3 pro if I am honest. at $200 there kind if isn’t anything better, and you’d save $100 which you could spend on a micro SD card (it needs one). Whilst you don’t have much streaming options you do have a lot else.

I don’t own one yet but it is going to be my next purchase. Check these out:

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Yeah I was looking at the hiby r3 pro, and kinda comparing it to the Fiio M6. I’d have to wait for shipping on the hiby, and shipping is way longer now, while I can have the M6 in a nearby store.

hmm well its up to you of course.

Yeah, it’s more of a patience vs no patience question at this point. The R3 pro is newer too. So I’d assume much better!

well not always, but I’d trust the HiBy to last longer. And patience is worth it

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You can also get the Hiby R5 from Musicteck for $299. It’s a little bigger than the R3 pro, but very portable with more power and full Android. I use it and love it, and it can handle even most of my full sized headphones.

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I got the R5 too,payed 299 from Hiby directly. It sounds great but - honestly, the player its waaay to weak from its system performance. At least for me. The touchscreen is in no way as good as from a normal phone. Ive activated the dot to see where I’m clicking and its often 4 mm besides what I actually click.
It can’t even handle Spotify right, after a time it slows down and I have to close and open the app again. If I change a track from my sd card it sometimes takes a few seconds to load.
The Wifi Connection is trash - if I leave my living room where my router stands it immediately has connection issues.
The build quality, screen image and the sound and power are great on the other hand.
But I can’t stand the slow system performance. And I know, its only 300$ - maybe we can’t expect more for this price. It’s my first dap. I will keep it till I decide what will be the upgrade…

Don’t want to talk it bad - just want to share my experience and thought’s because that is something to keep in mind I guess.
Slow system performance doesnt bother everyone, but it can get soo annoying…

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Oooh I gotcha, these can get super annoying with time! Thanks for letting me know of these!