🔶 Hiby R3pro

This is the official thread for the Hiby R3pro

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type C, micro sd, 2.5mm bal and 3.5 se
  • 2x CS4331, BT5.0 up to ldac, Wifi, MQA, 50 days standby, up to 20hr battery life:
  • Capable dap for the size and price

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Z Reviews…

This is going to be interesting to see how it shakes out, as the DAC and OS look really good.

It’s solid for sure, not sure what z thinks of it though

I’ve had mine since the pre-orders shipped, and I think that it’s a lovely little device. It replaced an aging Cowon Plenue D, and the Hiby outclasses the Plenue in all but battery life (the battery on the R3 is still great though).

I think the stated battery life is rather suspicious for such a small device.

I would assume to actually get that you would have to play very efficient files, optimize the hell out of the player and settings, and use some very efficient iems unbalanced

Skimmed the review and have to say, I’m a little regretting my Xduoo purchase. That said… The Xduoo is a little more durable feeling so, win?

But man, it’s great to be a budget DAP fan right now.

Not at all. Look at the size of Shanling M0. That thing could do 13 hours.

XDuoo X3 II has smaller footprint and about same power as R3 Pro balanced but it also manages to give 13 hours of playback regardless of file type.

Talking about X3 II?
I bought it at the end of 2018. Still holds pretty damn well although I’m already looking at some upgrades and I think I’ve finally found one.

So I know this is for the R3 but I have the R6 and this situation applies to both and the R5. With Z and many others not liking the glass back you have a couple options. 1- get a leather case or if you like the feel of the DAP without a case you can go with 2- get some Dragon Grips/skin from Amazon. I added this to my R6 and really like It. Some more grip on the back, makes it nicer placing it on a hard surface ( I honestly didn’t like placing mine on a hard surface prior to) and takes care of your mayonnaise hands.

Mine is on route.
Just wondering if this can push tin p1?

Would you be running it balanced?

Honestly not sure, all pretty new to this.
I had a faulty tin t2 ( vendor sent back faulty repair) replaced with kz 10pro.
I only just looked into balanced / unbalanced recently and understand it’s a ‘thing’. So was considering balanced as its ‘better’ ?

P1, shouer tapes, starfields are on my list

In this specific case you would want a balanced cable to get more out of them, as it provides more power on the r3 pro than the unbalanced. This should work fine with the p1 balanced, it isn’t ideal as they do appreciate more power but it should get the job done

Here is a cheap yet good balanced cable to take advantage

Thankyou MoN.

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Does anyone know if the EQ works in Bluetooth receiver mode?
iPhone/Tidal->Bluetooth->R3 Pro (Equalizer)->wired IEM
And any way around no Tidal offline?

Ignore me, didn’t mean to submit

No prob. I contacted Andrew at MusicTeck and he confirmed that EQ does not work on Bluetooth in from iPhone, only local files.

Hiby rep responded it works on Tidal and Qobuz. No response from him regarding it passing via Bluetooth.

My first modern Dap. Impressed.
My last Dap was a Microsoft zen and then a apple nano.

Married with a set of starfield iems balanced cable. More than enough power to drive them. Around 50 volume on low gain feels ample.

Light, fast and portable. Way better than my Samsung S9+

Thanks people.

Now I want to enjoy the starfields, zspro 10.
Although, I am now eyeing up a set of fh5’s.

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