Can we talk about HiFi [Guides] for a sec?

this is a complete shot in the dark but some of us might forget that this forum is the offshoot of the Guide portion of a curated selection of affordable audio products hand chosen by Z and DMS. awesome conecpt

backstory: i used to rely heavily on Zeos’ subreddit “z guides” where he had products laid out very nicely and included hand written comments / prices for each entry. community feedback helped a lot with those guides and sometimes real gems (such as sales, deals, mods or advice) was often found in the comments below. unfortunately now however, there are tumbleweeds through those old zguide reddit pages. still being visited often, i’m sure, but any newcomer will be quickly swayed by the outdated nature of most of the recommendations…

the other day i thought, “i am looking for a ~$200 subwoofer let me check out hifiguides” and to my disappointment the selection on that page is abysmal. where is monoprice stuff? no bicf12? and then i ventured to other parts of the guide, such as open back headphones etc, and there is not much to be found.

this is all coming from someone who is passionate about the budget audiophile community, hifi guides is seriously on a rise, if you haven’t noticed some topics now show up on google search results, it’s great. this forum is growing everyday because of user feedback.

anyway, here is my goal with this post: is there any way, we, us as users and passionate members of this community, can help the Guides part of this website? are we able to add products? are we able to make more subcategories (such as maybe a “subwoofer hi-in option”)?

i feel as though with enough approved members to aid in the Guide portion of the website we can have a really nice overall page for any newcomer to this hobby.

what do you all think?

(also this is NOT a bash a Zeos/DMS. they clearly have a lot on their plate yet still manage to find time to post on here all the time)


IDK, that’s really up to Z or DMS, I have nothing to do with it so I can’t really help out or anything

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i mean it is in beta rn… i’m really hope they add more stuff so that it can appeal to more prices and ideas of what is good… like more detail in the sound stages and environments and more

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I would say having a short blurb on why they recommend it and also a link to the forum topic would be nice


i feel the same way, that’s why i think there should be some sort of chosen members to help add to the Guides more often. the more people helpin out the better. i mean it’s so often where someone is like “i need a $200 usb dac amp” and 9 times out of 10 the answer is d10 and jds labs or monolith lol. if it was in the Guide as a recommendation column or something (sort of like a reddit sidebar) it would save a lot of time.

totally, i would love to help out and i know a bunch of other verified users would love to help out also

Personally I am not for a go to buy list, because I think working with the people looking for help will yield a more accurate recommendation and it will also catch any potential issues. That’s just my opinion regarding that. I am fine with updating stuff in the actual site, but I don’t think there should be a “just buy this if you meet these requirements” thing


Hifiguides SUCKS, i tried using it multiple times for headphones. Including before i bought my 58x and 4xx, and i remember BOTH of those didn’t come out in my results. I will never use it again, it would be nice if they put a sign like “Have questions? ask your peers over here!” and link the forums


Yeah its not a tenth of what the forums are


Zeos hasn’t posted since Dec. 27th, and dms hasn’t posted since Dec. 10th.

I wouldn’t consider that as posting all the time.

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True, during maybe a few days they did but for the most part nothing

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Btw i LOVE zeos and dms, maybe don’t love z as much as ant but it’s just the site that is pretty terrible.

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maybe hifiguides should be turned into a ‘wiki’ of sorts… where members can contribute with some people acting as an ‘editing’ staff to approve of changes and updates.


I like that

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in Leyman’s terms, give @M0N more work :joy:


I think the reality of the situation is that zeos focuses his time on his Patreon/subscribestar chat, which makes sense as they are paying him.

I’m not sure why dms isn’t more active, but he does do marketing for Abyss so that may take up his time, and that’s a paying gig as well.

Yes, it can be more organized, but I think people should curb their expectations of this forum.

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He has also been in the process of moving if I recall correctly

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absolutely agree, but it would be nice for someone to say “i used the Guides and found I would love x amp, what would be a nice dac to pair it with?” VS instead saying “i have $200 help”
u know?

totally should add this


That’s a long process…

He made a video not that long ago that he was getting a bit overwhelmed with the whole audio/headphone thing… and I think he was just losing his passion for a bit overall and wanted to move on to other things. Personally think he should go push for whatever makes him happy… but it would be nice if a new alternative plan for the website could be thought of. I’d be willing to contribute to something ‘wiki’ style…

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as much as I love the idea of the hifi guides themselves I wish there was more work on them.