Canadian made Headphones

made out of recycled skateboard decks :sunglasses:


Stop posting wood headphones with a retro style esthetic. You already made me buy the Hemps. I don’t need these.


Lol Ok…


the most important question is whether they’re any good.

I propose @Marzipan gets a set and lets us all know? :joy:


I second this proposition.


okay, let’s do a gofundme so I can get them :slight_smile:

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I was reading up on these awhile back and they seem pretty cool. You can even send in an old skate deck of your own for them to use (mine have long since left my possession lol).

The fr they posted seems agreeable enough and my only hesitation is that the sound quality isn’t high on their priority list. There’s much more emphasis on build and the eco nature of the product/company.

I still may pick these up eventually. Canadian made headphones are a unicorn.

Pretty affordable, but I have never heard of them before. They started in 2014 and there is not much about them since then. They only have two dealers? I am usually the guy to jump on anything affordable, but…you can’t be in the headphone business for six years and have NO footprint.

That’s probably a good thing?..If they were wack there’d be a footprint lol.

Shane don’t you have a Canadian made tube amp that works with low impedance cans? jus throwin that out there lol

I do, but I can’t see me trying a product from a six year old company that has no reviews.

That amp is Rockin’ today with my 880 600’s! :grin:

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We have some awesome speaker companies and amps made up here , but I honestly have yet to hear a Canadian made headphone

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I also really appreciate the fact that their headphones terminate to RCA from what it seems

Personally, their FR graph doesn’t make me eager to try them. The 8 dB bass boost looks huge (but compared to what? no compensation curve provided). But they do taper it off properly before the mids, so fine. But then they throw in an egregious 6 db(!) rise at 1½ kHz, followed by a 2 dB dip from 2 to 4 kHz (again, compared to what?), followed by a 7 dB shout from 5 to 8 kHz (that’s beyerdynamic territory). On top of that they’re closed backs, so what is the sound stage going to be like? I think DonKlassen sums it up nicely:

Yet, the Nighthawk is just one example that an atypical FR can end up generating a cult following.

One approach that occurs to me is for the Canadian HFG contingent to each chip in some bucks to jointly purchase a unit, then ship it in turn to each contributor. Each one would post impressions in this thread. The shipping could add significantly to the purchase cost, however. And what to do with it afterwards if no one likes it? I guess put it up on Canuck Audio.


I would LOVE to support a Canadian company, but these just seem sketchy. All the stuff I can find seems to range from 2014 to 2016. How can they not have a review anywhere? Pretty much everything has a thread on Head-Fi, even if it’s a very small thread.

I’d be down for this if it generates enough interest.

Found a head-fi thread about them.

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Good search skills! I tried their name and then also Canadian and didn’t have any luck. And even with that, nothing past five years ago.

that’s not true Shane…if it’s a side gig done out of their garage for fun…it would explain the lack of recognition.

someone should put a thread up on Head-Fi. there is a big enough member base that someone there likely knows something.