Cayin N3 Pro Dap

The new N3 Pro with Tube and Solid Dual Timbre (3.5mm single-ended only)

Looks like a versatile budget option?..

Honestly for the feature set it has and the price that looks super compelling

Will be interesting to see what reviewer folks think?..the timbre thing is a strange one as in a ‘tube-infused’ :man_shrugging:

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Now on musictek

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…and it’s also available in the UK :open_mouth:

I’m very tempted to pick one up because that’s a pretty killer feature set for the price, but I don’t think I need anymore daps lol

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Oh damn, I’m now kind of upset I just recently got the r5

After such a long wait for preorder I finally have mine~
Gonna post Unboxing/first impressions video tomorrow.


Looking forward to hearing your feedback. The ultralinear/triode modes sound interesting.

Really want to try this one whit my CA solaris hope it´s good.

If you’re wondering how these toobs look like under 1:1 Macro Magnification lens :rofl:


And there it is, my personal Unboxing/First impressions. Style of the video is little all over the place but I wanted to release this quickly…