Cayin N3 Pro Dap

The new N3 Pro with Tube and Solid Dual Timbre (3.5mm single-ended only)

Looks like a versatile budget option?..

Honestly for the feature set it has and the price that looks super compelling

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Will be interesting to see what reviewer folks think?..the timbre thing is a strange one as in a ‘tube-infused’ :man_shrugging:

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Now on musictek

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…and it’s also available in the UK :open_mouth:

I’m very tempted to pick one up because that’s a pretty killer feature set for the price, but I don’t think I need anymore daps lol


Oh damn, I’m now kind of upset I just recently got the r5

After such a long wait for preorder I finally have mine~
Gonna post Unboxing/first impressions video tomorrow.


Looking forward to hearing your feedback. The ultralinear/triode modes sound interesting.

Really want to try this one whit my CA solaris hope it´s good.

If you’re wondering how these toobs look like under 1:1 Macro Magnification lens :rofl:


And there it is, my personal Unboxing/First impressions. Style of the video is little all over the place but I wanted to release this quickly…


After few weeks I’m finally presenting you full review of this DAP. Unfortunately it looks like the more I use it more things starts to die… literally. Will see how my replacement gonna look like.

Affordable? Ill be the judge. You guys like to say things are low priced but then i look and im still good with my used m11.
:Looks at price, puts glasses down slowly:

Ok, well, that IS a very appealing price.

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Oh trust me, imma man that don’t want ever to spend a lot on his audio equipment and despite N3 Pro being $500 it’s gonna be my portable as well as my desktop setup.


1 left open box at $399. I was going to snag it but some reviews state small issues or things like channel noise. And probably not worth the money for me to just make a side-grade.

Btw Bitwolf i enjoy your videos. Theyre very well shot.

You ass… I was already tempted by the tubes, and now there’s an option (technically) under $400?.. No… I don’t need to spend that kind of… but tubes…