Cd rips methods

So i was wondering what programs or equipment do the people here use for cd rips? I currently use itunes and was wondering if there was a better program or method to rip my cds? Or is there nothing loss ?

I use dbpoweramp. Multiple encoding methods high quality. Easy to use. Finds the album art for you


EAC is a great free program to use. You can also use it with mp3tag for a lot of features. dbPoweramp is great but not free. Both give you the same quality rips, but dbpoweramp just has more quality of life features


is this the EAC website ( and if this is the dbpoweramp site ( but the EAC site looks good since i can’t afford the dbpoweramp at moment but maybe down the line

I stopped using EAC because it had some incompatibility with tagging and making improper cue sheets when I typed in Japanese. It also rips a lot slower than dBpoweramp even though they are both accurate rippers. If I was you, I’d use EAC until I could afford dBpoweramp, since it’s the better, more modern ripper, but they should both do the job.

Just searched for this recently. Pick anything that uses, or can use, the AccurateRip database, and say goodbye to all your worries. :wink:

Eac can use the accurip database, so that’s nice. So can dbpoweramp

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I still use iTunes for ripping. I find no issues with it. For playback though iTunes is meh. I use Audirvana.

EAC and dBPoweramp are excellent rippers. I also recommend checking out CUETools. They have a very good ripper (CUERipper) which validates against the AccurateRip database as well as their own database (CTDB).

More importantly, the cueTools app can be used to both validate or REPAIR a CD rip using CTDB parity data. This means you can take a rip from EAC/dBPoweramp/CUETools/etc. that has a small number of inaccurate segments, open it in CUETools and FIX them.

If you’re on a Mac, XLD is also an excellent AccurateRip compliant ripper.


Honestly I couldn’t use it at all. Accurate Rip’s plugin wouldn’t work with the CDs I was putting in, and for whatever reason, Windows wasn’t recognizing my CDs period when I had EAC on. Not sure what went wrong, and reinstalling didn’t do anything. I had to resort to using my old Macbook and some other software to rip CDs for FLACs with metadata.

Did you have the disk drive set correctly? If you misconfigure eac if can be a pita

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I’m fairly certain it was configured correctly. I had the disk run without much issue, but then I ran into the accurate rip issue. I got to the main menu of the software, but I wanted to see if I could fix that issue. But then afterward it just wouldn’t work afterward.

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Ah, well there are some systems it doesn’t work on, so I guess it’s one of those edge cases

Suppose so. I might as well shell out for an external Superdrive for my mac or just an external optical drive and try again on another system. I say that ciz that older macbook is just so slow in general. It’d be nicer to have that QoL improvement for grabbing something external and have it run from there.

Foobar2000 will rip your cd’s. You can rip to flac or wav files. It will also provide metadata. best of all it is free!!

What’s up “LUNA”?I haven’t seen that name in public much👏

Could you use an external cd burner with all these programs?

Can’t think of any reason why you couldn’t. Externals should work exactly the same.

red has a good article up on how to use EAC, I don’t think its members only

With fre:ac and dbpower amp you can definitely use an external.