Cheese appreciation thread

I’m mad for good cheese I absolutely love all types, hard, soft, blue, goats and sheep etc, well I popped into a local cheese shop to buy a thank you present for some friends (also cheese lovers) and thought it rude not get some for myself…I always get a Cheddar as it’s probably my fav cheese either Montgomery, Keens or Mull…went Mull this time but my eye was also caught by a rather strange looking Brie, I was told it’s specially smoked by one of their cheese suppliers so had to try that too and lush it is :cheese::drooling_face::yum::yum::yum:

Here’s a link to that Brie and shop

Mull Cheddar + Smoked Brie…


Halloumi is my spirit cheese.


Muenster is my favorite because it fits in so many ways. I do love smoked cheeses like mozzarella, but i never had a smoked brie and i want you to live that life for me


Had to go back and get some Montgomery lol :+1:



I had a pizza with Gruyère, arugula and caramelized onion last week. It was so, so good…


Costco carried big 2 pound bricks of Cabot habanero cheddar. It was fantastic. A great mixture of flavor and heat. But they’ve stopped carrying it over the past 6 weeks or so. Please bring it back!


The US is not as adventurous in the cheese world as, well other parts of the world. One of the biggest issues is that raw milk is illegal or restricted in some parts. Where I live, it’s now available in retail, but it wasn’t not too long ago.

I actually had to buy some of my cheese as contraband.

That being said, artisan cheese is taken off and I’m very thankful for that.

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Gosh how strange that reminds me of the UK’s gun laws :rofl:

Well, here I’m sure there are states where you can buy a gun in a convenience store. Priorities. :rofl:

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Brei is my favorite soft cheese I think it’s just challenging enough to be fun with the slight funk front the rind. And absolutely delicious.

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Always a cheese classic :grin:

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It’s not illegal to own or drink raw milk. It’s just regulated by Health agencies and you can’t get business license to sell raw milk in most counties.

If you want to milk your own cow, or buy raw milk where unregulated that’s fine.

Also the consumer isn’t committing an illegal act by buying it, only the business selling unpasteurized milk outside the scope of the scope of their license.

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We have strange laws like this in the UK too…You can legally buy steroids for personal use but can’t sell them :crazy_face: :laughing:

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So I guess smoking raw milk cheese is on a crack pipe level?


Stateside, Cypress Grove have some really good cheeses. Hombolt fog is a triple creme with a layer of ash and they make a really good aged goat milk gouda cheese but it’s actually made in Holland.

Epoisses are a favorite, one of the types of cheeses that I had to grey market raw from France before the law in PA changed. A lot of cave aged stuff, Comte is pretty great, I used it in fondue.

Actually UK cheeses are the ones I’m least fluent in.

Interestingly, another hobby where synergy in pairings is VERY important. LOL

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Indeed :cheese::wine_glass::champagne::beer::hamburger::hot_pepper::cut_of_meat::cake:
Or just on its own :heart_eyes: lol

You just can’t get a license to sell it in most states, but consuming it is entirely legal. Drunk, smoked or injected with a dirty needle is fine.

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I love cheese. grew up on Dutch Gouda being I’m Dutch.

ever since taking a slug of sour goats milk that was off before its date, I can’t handle anything goat dairy related. still love goat meat tho!


I thought Humbolt Fog was made in Humbolt, California. It is good stuff, for sure!