Chill out music

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First two are great choices!!! I’m not familiar with the third link but I’m loving what I’m hearing! One of my go-to genres for chilling is smooth soul, so here’s a few of my favs:

(I guess this Marvin track is the exception because I get so into it - but the rest of the record is very chill and smooth)

Here are just a few of my favorites ::

for me whill out music depends on the vibe I’m feeling so as long as it has a somewhat chill energy that’s what I listen to. but to be honest mostly lo fi hip hop from dilla or nujabes RIP

This is the type of music I listen to if I want some sad or melancholic chill music

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Thanks guys love where this’s going, I wouldn’t personally call this chill out but I guess it’s what we listen to when we are kicking back…

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Sublab and Aether make for excellent chill playlists.

Bonus; Headphone Activist.

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Some good alternative chill music? Try Postmodern Jukebox. Good shit.

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Chill out music at its best!

Novo Amor - Anchor

Also Helios, Venice and Kalpataru Tree, as already mentioned here: Electronic Soundscape + Detail Porn

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My favorite chill out music is the Space Plan ost. It’s has wonderful bass that feels like a massage with the right headphones. It’s on Spotify or YouTube if you want to try it out or Bandcamp if you want to buy it.

Whenever I fall asleep to this album, I feel like an insect trapped in amber - stuck, but slowly moving in a viscous fluid

All Yoshimura’s works are great, some of my other favorites:

No the full album and almost chill so yeah :sunglasses:

One of my favorites


I saw them last year, they were great! Soooo much energy :grin:

Another one you might like (sorry can’t link the whole album)

But I do have the original CD in the my brothers garage :+1:

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