Choosing between two subs (Help me out)

I’m looking for a sub for my iLoud micro monitor speakers on my desk and I am torn between the Klipsch R-100SW / R-120SW or the Wharfedale SW-10.

Klipsch spec sheet:

Wharfedale spec sheet:

Does anyone has experience with one of these subs? Or if anyone knows a better sub in the 300 euro range. (I live in west-europe).

Many thanks already :slight_smile:

Earlier mentioned Presonus Temblor and Swissonic Sub10 is out of the question?


Yea the problem is that I want to buy them from either or (online shop in my country) and they don’t have that sub over there :stuck_out_tongue:

Simply just choosing between these two on paper for, assuming just music, at a desk? I’m going Wharedale. Sealed, so it justifies the only 40hz F3 extension vs the 32hz on Klipsch. It has the more powerful amp and is beefier construction based on weight. Give me the simpler, more serious build at this level. Neither are very admirable for HT duty, and there may well be better options out there.

Yea I think I would pick the wharfedale aswel between the two. I also found the Jamo concert II 910 and Dali C-8 D subs to be really attractive. Do you or anyone else have experience with one of those subs? I’m really having a hard time choosing subs because of the lack of good reviews. I guess that they don’t matter as much as speakers do?

I can’t even locate real specs on the Jamo.
No experience, but as a prospective consumer - I would not choose either of those over the Wharfedale in this circumstance.

Most times manufactures have them available.