Clear Mg vs Mg Pro also Amp and dac pairings

Hi there. I was wondering if there any other differences with tuning of the two.

Also what dac and amp would you pair with these cans?

Currently thinking of getting a a90 and d30 pro stack or a30 pro and d30 pro stack. If you guys have any suggestions that would be great.

You might want to do some digging/searching through the Clear MG thread, where the differences between the two models has been discussed quite a bit!

(People seem to mostly feel that the MG is warmer and has smoother treble.)

There’s no difference between MG and MG Pro. From what I’ve read and my experience, the MG seems to pair better with a dryer more neutral source so my personal pick of the amp would be the Little Labs Monotor. DAC probably sth like the Bifrost 2 as it retains the balance the best and it’s more relaxed than Ares II which may magnify the forwardness of the Monotor (assuming you’re allowing ~1k budget here from the mentioning of the Topping stack)

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OH! Sorry, I misread the post as asking for the difference between the OG Clear and the MG! Yeah, ignore my post above. As mochimashu said, Focal claims the non-Pro and Pro are intended to sound the same, just different color and accessories.

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The only thing that might be worth mentioning is that there seems to be some reports of QC issues (mentioned somewhere in the MG thread) on early batches of MG Pro (which was released prior to MG) so that might be a factor when buying a used pair.