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Clear Mg:

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  • Type: Over Year
  • Amp needed: YES
  • Open Back

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NOTE this thread is for the Clear Mg line - brown colorway for the consumer model, black & red colorway for the pro model. If the Clear model you wish to discuss is gray or is black & red but does NOT have the hexagonal honeycomb grille pattern on the back of the earcups, you should go to the Focal Clear thread.


I’ve had these (Pro version) for a couple of weeks now and I’m really liking them. I think it’s a great update to an already good headphone.

Smoother, and warmer, while being more detailed. And still what I would describe as a neutral-bright headphone.


Here’s the product sheet for the Clear MG:

Does anybody know how these would pair with the Jotunheim 2? MG Pro arrives tomorrow for me, will be using them with Jotunheim 2 and Topping E30 as DAC. Now, I never was able to listen to the original Clears, but these seem to be warmer and maybe more bassy . I feel like the Jotunheim 2 is already a warm amp and I’m wondering if this might be overkill for them…

Thank you for the new post!

I haven’t tried them on the Jot 2, but my guess is that you’ll be safe.

They are slightly warmer, but they’re still a neutral-bright headphone, imo. I’m guessing the Jot 2 off of balanced will sound good.

They are still very sensitive, but they seem to require a little more power. Higher powered amps seem produce better results, in my experience.

Looking forward to your impressions. :+1:t4:


Happy to join in on the conversation on the Clear MG if anyone has questions. I’m very much enjoying mine.

Yes, I am using them with a series of amps. The Jot2 being one of them. If you enjoy a more fun/warm presentation, the Jot2 will be a good choice. The Clear MG is still a clinical listen compared to a lot of headphones. It’s just slightly smoother, warmer with much better timbre than the original.


Thank you so much for those replies, I really appreciate it. Coming from a pair of HD6XX I’m curious to see how mids will perform on these. I’ve previously read that the OG Clear were really good for rock music (guitar tone), which is basically my main genre (prog rock, post rock, metal, shoegazing or post-punk to put some examples are some of my favorites). Which genres would you consider to sound really good with these?


The Clear Pro MG is neutral, so it’s going to sound similar to studio monitor speakers. These headphones are aimed at professionals doing tracking, mixing and mastering. They are designed to be a true representation of the music as accurate and balanced as possible. Perfect neutrality does not exist since it’s subjective but that’s FOCALS aim with this headphone.


Man, they look incredible…now they just have to sound good lol.

I understand clinical listening but if/when I do go for these they would be my daily so I hope they would take to that role. I’m a little concerned on the thin soundstage for an open back…but if it makes up for it in other areas then I can handle that.

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The previous FOCAL Clear was seen by many as one of the best headphones on the planet. In my opinion, the Clear MG is an obvious improvement just for the timbre sounding so more realistic/less “metallic” than the original.

I don’t think anyone has to worry about the Clear MG, it sounds good. lol



I feel like the “metallic” sound of the original gets over-emphasised. It’s not something most people would ever even discern, and even then, I think it’s fair to say that it’s something that would only be perceptible in certain scenarios or on certain tracks. I have the original and it’s something I have noticed at times (rarely) but the Clear is so good that it doesn’t put me off them in the slightest. 99.9% of the time it’s not something I notice.

Interesting to note from the product sheet that the Clear MG is going to ship with two cables like the Pro MG, whereas the original Clear shipped with three.

I’m very interested to see how they turn out - I’m still wondering if the tuning on this version is going to differ from the neutral-focused MG Pro.

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Well… let’s see how this goes


Congratulations. Looking forward to hearing your impressions.


Sweet! Congratulations.

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Link to the Clear MG on headphones.com

Another from BHPV



So I am preparing small noob audiophile review of these headphones. But I can share some photos now, maybe you like them :slight_smile:

Write me if you need more :slight_smile:


Ooooo, we’re fans of those around here! Looking forward to it.

Also, Hi, and welcome to HFGF!


Thanks for the links! The OG post has been edited.

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