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This is the official thread for the Focal Clear

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back

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The clears are by far the most comfortable headphones I have worn.
The cable is fucking trash though. All three of my cables died on me with one channel getting cut off.
Got a really nice 24 gauge xlr litz cable for them though and I’ve never been happier.

How does normal Clear differ for Clear Professional?

The clear pro only has a different color scheme and comes with different cables. That’s literally it, no sonic difference

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So I’ve listened to them for about 2 hours while working on the Archel 2.5 review. I listened to ultimate demonstration disc in cd quality and listen to a few lost less songs and so far they are pretty awesome.

The sound compliments my stable of headphones perfectly…

The resolution is clean and clear, the Dynamics and imaging are pretty spot on to me. I can see why they cost what they do.

Jumping back and forth between headphones on a few songs the difference ( not really in a negative way) were apparent between headphones.

The fit was a bit of a task, it almost feels like the perfect position for my head is between clicks on the headband, but I think I’ve become used to where I have to have them.

What I did discover with me trying to adjust them is when blocking the back with my hands the sound was fantastic is a different way. If the Elegia sound ruffly like the clears closed I think I might have found my close backs. I really like that sound signature.

Any input on that is welcomed…and I know Rupert Neve amp…lol I’ve looked at them. Not a bad price. Just feel like if I get it I’ll want to sell one of my smaller amps. Not that it would pay for it , but how man lower power amps do a person need. Lol


That’s awesome! Congratulations.

I’m actually looking to get a pair myself.


I’ve been listening to my pair all night and… These are definitely worth the price. I still want to see how they change over the next few days and how my brain adjusts, but as of right now I’m really impressed.

Some early impressions; sound presentation is very refined compared to other open backs I own. Sound stage is decently wide and instrument separation and imaging is ridiculously “clear”. The bass is nice and punchy and just the right amount of rumble with no bleeding. Treble leans a bit on the brighter side but by no means unbearable and will probably calm with burn in. Tonality and warmth is superb and I can totally see where the comparisons with the HD650 comes from. Dynamics are insanely good with these and I love it. Most genres I’ve tried have been great and no real weak points, definitely enjoying Jazz and acoustic stuff the most tho as well as female vocals.

overall no real complaints at this early stage.

I’m already thinking about pushing up my RNHP purchase just to see how better these sound lol.


That’s awesome. Glad you’re enjoying them. The Focal Clear May be one of my next headphone purchases.

Looking forward to hear how them perform for you over time.

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The rnhp really brings the best out of them very well lol, something to consider

Glad you are enjoying it so far :+1:


Oh yes enjoying them a lot :smiley:

Worth noting I’m currently driving them balanced off of my Monolith THX 788. Thinking about upgrading to a RNHP + ENOG 2 Pro combo. I’m open to other suggestions though, for both amp and dac. Looking to stay under $1000 for both.

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Well, I think the rnhp and enog 2 pro would be pretty awesome imo, it would give you an amp that’s both accurate and neutral and natural sounding, I think you might prefer it a fair bit with the clear. That’s my top pick for the price at least. There are other options but this pairing is my favorite so far at this price range


do you think it would be worth it to pay a little more and get a SU-8 instead or would it be fairly similar to the enog? The smsl obviously has more features, but talking pure sound quality would it just be more of a sidegrade?

also say I wanted to spend $500 on a DAC to pair with RNHP, what would be the best pick?

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I think there was a similar discussion on the SPL Phonitor thread.

IMO, you have a solid plan with the RNHP/Enog combo. It’s a well reviewed dac and you’ll have to spend a good deal more on a higher end Sigma Delta dac to really benefit.

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yeah I think you are right, just gonna stick with this plan.

I was actually just looking at the SPL phonitor e and 2 and for a brief moment I was trying to justify it to myself… haha


Get the RNHP before the Phonitor. It’s a really good amp… and eventually if you are still interested pickup the Phonitor… It’s a different sound for sure…

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The Phonitor is a better amp in pretty much every way, and it’s what I plan on upgrading to eventually.

I don’t currently own any headphones that the RNHP can’t drive, and there are other things that I want (component wise) that make more sense for me.

I your current (and new) headphones would be sufficiently powered by the RNHP, IMO.

@giova05 is right.

He just went through this, and explains in detail the differences on that Phonitor thread. :+1:t4:

Welp, I gave in! the RNHP will be here in a few days. I think I’m going to get rid of my liquid spark. I already have a few amps on my desk and I want a tube amp too. So something really needs to go for sake of space.


Lol well hopefully you enjoy it :+1:

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I was thinking about this, and I think it’s a step up in technicalities but it’s not a neutral/natural sounding with not as good tonality/timbre imo

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