🔶 Focal Clear

lol, I should have a Corpse Cable coming tomorrow for the Clear. Was literally thinking about ordering the Bifrost 2 today.

There… Happy now?

Yes, considerably so.


Haha, I am. I think you’re gonna be very happy too. :ok_hand:t4:

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Welcome to the club! I think you’ll love the combination with the Jotunheim 2.

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Has arrived.


It would be great to see a new thread for the new MG Pro’s as they do have a different sig. Resolve even said during his latest Q&A that he does not like them as much as the original due to some differences in the bass and treble. I’d really like to see some measurements just to compare to the OG Clear. I’m strongly considering this purchase and just want to decide between the MG Pro and just the Pro. I love the aesthetics of this new one so I’m leaning towards the Red/Black Clear’s if I don’t get the MG.

Hi. I bought the SMSL U9 and the Jot 2 and the Bifrost. I’ll return the DAC I prefer less. I am waiting on my original Clears as well. Any settings you are loving with the SMSL-Jot 2 clear combo?

Was told the shipment would be “in their warehouse today”. :crossed_fingers:t2:

I ran everything on defaults. The Jot2 is a very analog sounding amp. The Bifrost 2 is also similar sounding as the Jot 2, which makes for a very smooth listening experience. The SMSL SU-9 is more clinical and analytical sounding in comparison. Both are very good sounding dacs, just at different ends of the spectrum. Which you personally prefer will be up to you. The SMSL SU-9 Is packed with so many features and options. The Bifrost costs more and does not have nearly the amount of features the SMSL has.

Either way, The Jotunheim 2 is a beast. I really am enjoying mine. You might want to keep the Bifrost no matter what, just to have the matching Schiit stack. I am.


Did the shipment arrive? I’m still waiting on these too.

Nope. They told me yesterday that some had arrived. I assumed I was on the list but no shipping date yet.

Good news re Clear delivery. I have a tracking number!

Got mine too! :grinning:

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Now if they would just get their Schiit together down in LA and send me my Bifrost I’d be all set!

They came today!

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This is what I’m doing - the Bifrost 2/Jotunheim 2 stack looks so good.

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Not only do they look great, they sound great. The Jot 2 has a been a big upgrade vs the THX 789 to my ears.


Just got notice that the Bifrost is on the way as well. Now I’ll have to choose between the Bifrost and the S.M.S.L U-9.


How do they pair with Liquid platinum compared to aryas for versatile genres of music?

Clear VS LCD-GX, anyone…?