Closed headphones for SMSL SU-8 + SP200 stack


I’ve just ordered my SMSL SU-8 + SP200 stack and I’m now also looking at upgrading my current headphones (Beyerdynamic DT 770 250 ohm). I like them, but there are probably better ones for that stack now. Also I don’t know many headphones so I don’t have many comparison options.


  • Price up to ~500$ (if slightly higher, also OK)
  • MUST be closed back
  • Must fit well with that stack
  • Clarity/detail is VERY important
  • Decent bass is important (doesn’t have to be over the top though)
  • Comfort for longer sessions is also important (I’m not looking to replace the pads for example, they should be good out of the box… if it’s any indication, I really like the velour pads on the DT 770)
  • If you could easily attach a mod mic or something like that it would also be a plus

Thanks for recommendations.

Try getting your hands on the Massdrop Fostex TRX00. Think they go for around $500 new if im not mistaken. @MON will know better

Not sure which model you refer to specifically. No TRX… I found TR80? But they are much cheaper.

Will try to find a link

You might like the DT177x Go from Beyerdynamic. Pretty good detail for the price.
There’s also the Fostex T60rp, which imo has better detail than the DT177x Go. They are hard to drive but I think the SP200 is powerful enough. They have really good detail, even if the bass isn’t crazy or anything.

You have some good options…

Fostex TR-x00/Th-x00, Beyerdynamic DT 177x, Beyerdynamic T5P (you can find them used for around $500ish), Neumann NDH 20, Denon AH-D5200, Shure SRH1540.

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The focal elegia sounds up your alley. Great detail, very refined, comfortable to me, also would be able to take a mod mic

What do the Elegia go for?

In the us sometimes you can find them in the 500-600 range somewhat commonly

Wow thats not bad

The Elegia are quite expensive here (price checks say around ~900).
I think I’ll first go for the DT 1770. They’re more of a direct upgrade to my current ones probably. Won’t sound too different I guess.
But… is it a waste to use headphones with just 1 input cable instead of 1 for each side (balanced) when you have a balanced DAC/amp?


The 1770 pro does have overwhelming bass just to point that out, it’s not something I personally enjoy, Beyer kinda dropped the ball with the 1770 imo

Also with the sp200, it has similar performance with the balanced and unbalanced output so no worries there

Found 1 offer for ~700 € (771.74 $) for the Elegia. Still a bit expensive I think?
I’ve also read some negative stuff about the DT 1770 unfortunately (internal build quality not so good / one side randomly dying).

That’s not bad for the elegia, typically in the us new not on sale they are around 700. Have you perhaps checked used markets?

The 1770 doesn’t really have a build quality issue I think, its more the tuning that is pretty off tbh. While it’s most likely not available to you unfortunately, the dt177x go I think is a much better choice over the 1770 as it has a much more coherent tuning

Thought about used but for this kind of stuff I prefer new. :smiley:

Also, no results for the DT177x Go here, unfortunately.

Gotcha. Well 700 isn’t that bad for the elegia but it is over budget so there is that. You might be able to find a beyerdynamic t5p but that would most likely be over budget as well. The Neumann ndh20 sounds up your alley sound wise but not comfort wise, as it’s not the most comfortable. Fostex t60rp possibly?

Would there be a noticeable quality increase with that stack? I mean when you have 700-800 € headphones on a ~500€ stack? Would’t these kinds of headphones make more sense with a true high-end stack?

So the elegia isn’t that amp picky but does benefit from a good amp, and I think your stack is plenty good for it tbh. It depends on the headphones for how picky about amps they actually are

I’ll give it a thought. Read good stuff about it and I like the design.