Comfy headphones for hip hip, movies and Twitch streaming?

Looking for new headphones.

They should be geared towards listening hip hop music but I will use them to see movies (lying on my bed with my laptop so they must be comfy) and also long Twitch sessions

Some details:

Budget: I would like to keep it around 200 euros. My budget is flexiable so if there is something at 300 that is amazing, sure why not. I think 400 euros is pushing it WAY too much although I understand if a wireless is suggested, it cost that much

Headphone type: Per say, I dont think I have a personal preference but I do want them to be very comfy for long sessions and not get hot

Preferred genres: Hip-hop

Intended uses: Ill be using these mostly indoor on a laptop, a sound card and on a smartphone (only moment I will use them outside). I always want the headphone to be geared toward listening hip-hop music although I will be listening to movies and also will be doing long Twitch streaming sessions.

A list of headphones you’ve used in the past and things I liked/disliked: I have the Sennheiser PMX60, very nice sounding headphones both quality and volume wise I had the DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm and although they sounded great, the volume was way too low (that is my personal fault IMO for going with the 80 Ohm version) and my ears got way too hot. Unless I get another suggestion, I am willing to give it another shot but with the DT 770 PRO 32 Ohm version although the ear heat issue might still be there)

Anything else: I do not want a amp. I dont want any in ear iPod bud crap either as that is very uncomfy for me. Besides that, volume is important to me (I like to listen to my music high). They must be comfy to wear for long sessions, both sitting in chair and lying on the bed while lying on my bed viewing my laptop at a angle.

Well, without an amp (either portable or desktop) that would really limit your options tbh imo. I think you would enjoy the akg k371, as it doesn’t need an amp and has a pretty well tuned signature and is pretty comfy to me. Are you looking for something closed btw?

I actually had the AKG K371 in mind. Was between

AKG K371


Beyerdynamic Aventho wired (budget is pushing it)

I dont care if its closed or not.

Hmm, would an hd58x be something you can get ahold of? I think the k371 is most likely more attainable to you if you are outside of the US, but if you could get an hd58x I think that would be pretty sweet

Thank you for your concern which is correct, Im in europe so nope, just tried, and the hd58x isnt avaliable.

Something else you could consider if you can get one for a good price might be the audioquest nighthawk carbon, as that’s pretty dang sweet for your use case, but I’m going to guess that’s overbudget if you can’t find a good deal on one

The sony mdr1am2 might also be something to consider as well

I just ordered the AKG K371 so lets see :slight_smile:

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Nice, curious to see what you think of them :+1:

I like my K-712 Pro for movies.
At 230€ it is just over your budget limit.

Let us hear how you like them!

Those are fairly harder to drive though, to a point where I would suggest an amp

If you don’t like the AKG K371 I highly suggest those Nighthawk Carbon. Very fun for movies, and they work really well for rap and hip hop too.

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one more triple driver over ears, akg k371 and of course the nighthawks.

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Loved the Triple Driver, only concern with those maybe is the comfort.

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Ok so I have been trying them out.

I feel they are a bit more comfy than the DT 770 Pro (I want to watch a movie) .

That being said vocals are really bad. They lose a lot a of quality. The bass and rest of the beat sound good but the vocals seen really lost quality wise.

Is this normal? I ask because I didn’t really like how my package arrived so maybe I received a bad pair.

How long have you been listening to them so far? If everything else sounds good I don’t know if you have a bad pair, I think you might just not yet fully used to the signature of them. I would say if you don’t like them after using them for a few more days of use perhaps send them back if you can if they don’t meet your preferences

The pads literally just fell off after their third use…I think this unit is either bad or defective so… returning them

I can either buy it again or get a different model. Up to you guys.

Also thanks for all the help.

What lol, yeah that’s pretty dang strange

I mean it’s more up to you, do you think if the errors were corrected you would like it?

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Please delete if we’re not allowed to post sales links (I think we can, right?). $165 is a god damn steal for these…

That’s a really good deal lol

Man this forum was born out of hypes and sales links lol