Compact dac/amp combo

Moving stack to different room as its just taking up to much of my very limited space. After compact dac/amp under $400. Primarily gaming and movie use and it must power 880 600ohm. I also need both optical and USB inputs. I’m indifferent regarding portability.

From my research I’m seeing the following as it pertains to my budget…

Fiio K5 Pro ($)
XD-05 Plus ($$)
xDSD ($$$)

Any advise out there?

Maybe take a look in the DT-880 Thread:

I have the Fiio K5 pro, I like it for low impedance headphones but it doesn’t work very well with the 6XX and the Amiron home which are 300 and 250 ohm respectively so I don’t think it would play nice at 600 ohm.

if you mod a balanced cable, the iFi Zen DAC/Amp probably work.

@M0N suggestions for a combo DACAmp that will drive the DT880 600 ohm easily?

I really wanted that solution but unfortunately no optical in. I’m current looking at the e30/l30 stack. Obviously its not a combo but the footprint, and reviews, of this stack seem so appealing.

E30/l30 combo wont power 880 properly, just sold l30

Well that’s not good… what are you replacing it with?

Replaced with asgard 3, now they receive enough power)

Thats what I figured. Have an A3 and SU-8 that I’m moving to different a setup as they’re just taking up to much room here. Thanks for the heads up!

What setup are you planing after asgard? How does the su-8 sounds with asgard?