Company/Seller/Research thread

It would be a good idea to have a thread containing a sum of all the sites used to buy or research audio products.

Reason: Especially prevalent in the Deals thread, there are many links to small or otherwise obscure sites to buy products from. New users are also not privy to the market.

How: If the first post in the thread contained an ever-expanding list/chart of whatever links the user’s post as suggestions underneath. What I’m imagining is an evolving chart reminiscent of the Reddit post Zeos made (ZGuides)
But instead of products, it’s a listing of fabrication companies/resellers containing a one-liner description of what they do or specialize in.

Why: A one-stop-shop for research and shopping. Most people here have their own bookmarks saved. If we were to combine them it would spread the wealth to the community.


Yes, it is a great idea!

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